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Alternative to take away pizza on a friday

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BWatchWatcher Mon 26-Dec-16 14:20:53

Hi all
We normally get dominos pizza on a Friday. It is quick, everyone eats it and no one fusses.
It is however creeping up in price even with an internet code as the children eat more and more.
I would prefer not to feed them take away pizza as well as it is loaded with crap, but alas I really like not having to cook on a friday.
Does anyone have any fun end of week food suggestions?

dementedpixie Mon 26-Dec-16 14:27:30

Buy pizza bases and make up your own pizza using whatever toppings you want.

TheLongRoadToXmas Mon 26-Dec-16 14:30:26

Baked potatoes and baked beans? Or something that you just shove in the slow cooker, like gammon, with boiled potatoes (or even pre-bought mash) and easy veg like peas? Pasta and pesto?

ChuckSnowballs Mon 26-Dec-16 14:57:06

You can make your own pizza dough with flour, water, yeast and salt. It literally takes about 5 minutes. You don't need to knead it. Just mix it all up and let it sit for about 30 mins. Then roll balls out, top and cook.

ClashCityRocker Mon 26-Dec-16 15:06:45

Loaded nachos (chilli, pulled pork, fajita chicken toppings?) chilli and or pulled pork can be done in the sc.

Our non chain pizza place is halfs the price of dominos just as tasty and more choice.

I've never yet managed to get a homemade pizza on par with a takeaway - the oven just doesn't get hot enough and they're always mildly disappointing but I'd imagine kids would have fun decorating.

BWatchWatcher Mon 26-Dec-16 15:37:54

Thanks! We've tried various pizza options. I have a pizza stone and have made my own dough. It lacks the cocaine that dominos must add and remains unsatisfying to the kids.

I'll look at nachos! Maybe ribs?
Also non chain pizza place. There must be something.

missyB1 Mon 26-Dec-16 15:51:57

We like those take away curries that the Supermarkets do, Asda ones are good.

bunnylove99 Mon 26-Dec-16 18:40:36

I take it you hunt out coupons online and don't pay full price for dominos? We get chinese take away sometimes and it works well. The kids love chicken noodle soup so if we get a set meal for 2 which includes the soups and add a side order of chicken balls for the fussy one we all have plenty and not too expensive. Getting hungry now! My husband won't eat ready meals at all so miss out on all the supermarket deals.

BWatchWatcher Mon 26-Dec-16 19:07:51

I have a standard 30% off code for Dominos that I got through work. It still comes to over £20 though. Over 4 weeks that's 80!

bunnylove99 Wed 28-Dec-16 20:26:39

I know. Their pizzas seem to get more expensive with every order! I have a bread machine which makes good dough but to be honest I cant be bothered faffing around rolling dough out and all the rest of it on a Friday night either. My kids will accept those Cosmos pizza from supermarket but I don't know if you get them in England.

AtleastitsnotMonday Thu 29-Dec-16 07:24:43

How about nice burgers? The Aberdeen Angus ones in Waitrose are good or make your own. We often have 'chicken burgers' which is really a grilled chicken breast with lettuce, tomatoes, Mayo (gherkins for me!) served in toasted ciabatta and served with sweet potato fries.
Or maybe try doing quasedillas, kind of similar to pizza but much cheaper!

Silverdream Thu 29-Dec-16 07:35:53

It made me laugh. You said you like not cooking on a Friday so some answers suggested making your own pizza including the base. That's more work than normal meal making.
I'd forget any other pizza as dominoes is very high in taste and anything else wouldn't seem as good to your kids.
Fish and chips. Take out bag from supermarket. Make Nando's. a bit of cooking but easy. Ready cooked hot chicken. Nando's sauce. Oven chips. Coleslaw and juvenile a bag of spicy microwave rice or wraps Mine love that.

Mol1628 Thu 29-Dec-16 07:42:42

Asda choose your own pizzas are nice. Or Asda microwave curries.

Paulat2112 Thu 29-Dec-16 07:45:15

We get the pizzas from the sainsburys pizza counter and the huge ones are only £3.50. They also cook them for you For an extra £1 each smile

Cliffdiver Thu 29-Dec-16 07:45:30

Fajitas / enchiladas / tacos?

JennyOnAPlate Thu 29-Dec-16 08:06:40

Our local independent pizza places all do either Bogof or buy one get one half price...maybe yours are similar? It works out much cheaper than dominoes!

mirokarikovo Thu 29-Dec-16 08:12:01

A small independent pizzeria might do healthier pizzas but not cheaper. Dominoes pizzas are like pringles - the only way to not eat too much is not to eat them at all.

Do something different for a couple of months until dominoes memories have faded and then go for supermarket pizzas as suggested above - goings straight to supermarket from dominoes will always be unsatisfactory. Every so often you'll treat them to a dominoes which will keep the dissatisfaction topped up.

For at least 6 weeks let your Friday treat be nachoes/fish&chips/pancakes etc. Then the standard can be supermarket pizza and the occasional treat can be independent pizzeria.

QuandryQueen Thu 29-Dec-16 08:14:46

Could you do "picky tea"?

Pate and crusty bread
Cheese and crackers
Dips and breads ticks or pitta bread and hummus

Hellmouth Thu 29-Dec-16 08:25:33

do you use Just Eat? There are loads of pizza places on there, including independent ones. Our favourite one is an independent place which is cheaper than the bigger brands. Quite often, you'll find places doing 20% off if you spend over a certain amount.

Hellmouth Thu 29-Dec-16 08:25:47

do you use Just Eat? There are loads of pizza places on there, including independent ones. Our favourite one is an independent place which is cheaper than the bigger brands. Quite often, you'll find places doing 20% off if you spend over a certain amount.

MiddleAgedMother Thu 29-Dec-16 08:50:50

Anywhere near a Costco? Huge pizzas and they are good.
I also keep pizza express pizzas in the freezer for nights when cooking doesn't work. Can always add topping to the Margharita ones and they are often on reduced price deals.

BathshebaNewYearStone Thu 29-Dec-16 09:44:41

I always have frozen pizzas in the house. Also Kiddyum frozen ready meals for the DC and Sainsbury's Pub Specials ditto for me. Good for when you don't want to cook or emergencies.

bluechameleon Thu 29-Dec-16 09:55:35

Fajitas are fun - you can add lots of extras like grated cheese, shredded lettuce, guacamole, sour cream and put it all in little bowls for everyone to make their own.

IHeartKingThistle Thu 29-Dec-16 10:00:34

I'm a big fan of sticking a chicken in the oven and then eating it in front of a movie with lovely bread, olives, cheese etc. Kids call it Hot Chicken night.

eyebrowsonfleek Thu 29-Dec-16 10:08:31

Are your children old enough to cook once a week?

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