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Ok, all those fancy burger companies ...

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NotQuiteCockney Mon 19-Feb-07 21:15:16

Do any of them make decent chips?

By decent, I mean:
- not from a freezer
- ideally thick
- and with skins on.

We went to Ultimate Burger (which I now see isn't a chain, just one burger place). And yeah, the burger was good. But dear god, the fries were just crap.

misdee Mon 19-Feb-07 21:16:04

where is ultimate burger?

aDad Mon 19-Feb-07 21:19:12

hamburger union does fat freshly prepared (non frozen) chips.

Don't think they have skins on though.

NotQuiteCockney Mon 19-Feb-07 21:21:26

Ultimate Burger is at Holborn.

Ok, Hamburger Union might be worthwhile. Anyone know of any with skins?

I really love fries with skins on, and eat them when I'm back home, but it'd be nice to have them here. (I know Chillis do them, but they are evil and horrible places to eat, imo.)

skiwear Mon 19-Feb-07 21:26:50

Gourmet burger company in Wandsworth/Clapham somewhere central (can't remember) and Cambridge/Bristol I think. Chips great but not with skins on.

krabbiepatty Mon 19-Feb-07 21:29:26

The Diner in Shoreditch (but again no skins...)

NotQuiteCockney Mon 19-Feb-07 21:33:06

Oooh, Shoreditch is a good location, at least.

It was so depressing, having a lovely burger with nice toppings, DH had a nice chocolate milkshake. And then the chips! I get much better ones from the chippy at the end of my road.

elclose Tue 20-Feb-07 09:28:45

chips are always a bit poor i find, more like thin greasy fries that droop!
our m&s has a take out cafe that sell chunky chips no skins but quite nice they also do nice meaty burgers,

NotQuiteCockney Tue 20-Feb-07 20:14:23

Ok, well, there are some nice eating-out options here, even if none of them have fries ... why are with-skins fries easily available in Canada and the US, and entirely nonexistant here?

I guess I should make potato wedges at home again. Much healthier, quite tasty, and goes down well with everyone ...

Aloha Tue 20-Feb-07 20:15:53

I love GBK!

FrannyandZooey Tue 20-Feb-07 20:15:57

<snurk> at NQC eating at "Ultimate Burger". Shall I see if I can get banned from there?

NotQuiteCockney Tue 20-Feb-07 20:31:42

Oi! I like burgers. And this was a classy place, really. It wasn't Ultimate Pizza or whatever that was called.

The ones that really frighten me are all the Kensy/Kentucky/Tennessee Fried Chicken joints. What is up with that?

(I have sent you an email, Frances.)

Nockney Wed 28-Feb-07 20:15:38

Ok, went to Gourmet Burger Kitchen today(different from Gourmet Burger Company? Probably).

The burgers were great. Really really really good. I'm pretty fussy about burgers, and had a bacon and avocado one (with cheese, for that double-treyf thing), and it was great. Really tasty. I don't know what all sauces were on there, but boy was it good.

The chips, however, were minging. Maybe better than Ultimate Burger? But not by much. Thick, at least. And their garlic mayo was alarmingly garlicy, and I like garlic.

I have realised, though, that part of the problem here is our local chippy. It's at the end of our road, and the chips are very good, and clearly made fresh. I just have to bribe them to make me a skins-on batch one day ...

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