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Dried fruit stuffing question, help, please!

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Tuktuktaker Sat 24-Dec-16 10:58:42

We are not having our traditional goose, or any poultry, on Christmas Eve, but I have made our favourite prune and apricot with port stuffing and have no idea how to cook it outside a bird (temp and time)! I have googled and can't find anything, so I wondered if the collective wisdom of MN might help? Thank you in advance, and a very Merry Christmas!

GingerHollyandIvy Sat 24-Dec-16 11:24:53

There's a number of stuffing recipes on here that are cooked separately, I'm sure you can find the directions to use on one of them. Maybe choose one that has a similar recipe?

Tuktuktaker Sat 24-Dec-16 12:02:00

Thank you so much, Ginger, I think this one will work:

GingerHollyandIvy Sat 24-Dec-16 12:40:12

glad it helped fgrin

LMGTFY Sat 24-Dec-16 13:07:59

One here and a bit of Mary Berry here

Tuktuktaker Sat 24-Dec-16 13:37:17

Lovely, thank you, LMGTFY.

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