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DC packed lunchs

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Buildthemup Thu 22-Dec-16 19:07:18

Really need advice as totally clueless

Soup - completely mad for a reception age child? How do they eat it? Will school be helpful about something like that?

What's standard to do in terms of things that need to be kept fresh. Will t be normal to send my DC in when a thermos type bag with an ice pack in it?

If I send in something with fish or egg will they hate me because all the other children flee from the smell?

What are good ideas other than sandwiches?

What's the best lunchbox if I'm intending to do a few different things? I.e. One that has separate sections?

siblingrevelryagain Mon 26-Dec-16 10:48:18

In my opinion reception age is the best to be experimental-they haven't got years of only sandwiches to battle against (and they naturally tend to have more help 'hovering' around to open pits and packets).

My daughter has a thermos food pot/flask which she uses for soup and 'leftovers'; things like chilli and rice, sweet & sour and rice, pasta. Cook a little extra the night before for lunch the next day.

On other days she'll have what he brothers have, just smaller (I work on sandwich/roll/savoury option, fruit/veg option, small cake/biscuit/snack option. So for the two who don't eat fruit the have to have carrot sticks/sugar snap peas).

Try not to overload, this may put them off if looking at vast quantities (and sometimes well-meaning but misguided lunchtime supervisors try to get them to 'finish' their lunch). This about your own typical lunch; you might have sandwich and s small snack, but you probably wouldn't sit down with sandwich, yoghurt, crisps, biscuit...,yet we often send kids into school with huge lunches and loads of options,

HeCantBeSerious Mon 26-Dec-16 10:53:59


DC love theirs. They take them in a lunchbag with an ice pack. I give them all sorts - pasta, sandwiches, crackers, even leftovers (they love cold chicken dinner with Yorkshire pudding).

Join the Eats Amazing Facebook group for more ideas.

HeCantBeSerious Mon 26-Dec-16 10:54:57

I haven't/wouldn't send anything hot as infants at DC's school eat in their classroom if not having school dinners and only get 20 mins to eat.

AtleastitsnotMonday Mon 26-Dec-16 12:28:26

I would start with cold bits until you know how he's getting on, what the set up is at lunch. Finger foods are easiest, sandwiches, wraps, pittas, bagels, cold pizza, cold pieces of frittata, humous or cream cheese with crudités and breadsticks or toasted pitta fingers, cheese and crackers.
Smell wise, I've never had any complaints with egg, tuna or smoked salmon but who knows what kids will kick off about! If doing egg mayo just make sure the eggs are 100% cool before making up.
Then easy to eat fruit (grapes, strawberries, fingers of melon, banana, apple if happy to eat whole) maybe a veg as well, usually carrot or cucumber sticks or cherry tomatoes.
If you opt for things that need a fork just put it in a Tupperware box and include the fork. Tuna pasta and potato and egg salad go down well here.
What would he usually eat at home?

Buildthemup Thu 29-Dec-16 18:38:10

He's a really varied eater (until now hating a lot of the school lunches) so I've got loads of ideas for things I could send in: just thinking logistically.

Is yumbox bentoish? I.e. Has sections? I'm thinking that's what I need to go to so I can do as above. E.g. Frittata, couple of veg, fruit and a small hm treat.

HeCantBeSerious Thu 29-Dec-16 18:58:54

Yes. There are some with 4 sections and some with with 6.

trinitybleu Thu 29-Dec-16 19:24:14

Amazon Basics Bento boxes - perfect size for sandwich with frozen frube on top (to defrost slowly and keep sandwich cool), some popcorn / rice cakes, and a couple of chopped plums / kiwi / grapes.

Thermos - perfect size for soup, couscous, half a jacket potato or leftovers and if you don't bother to prewarm, it's still plenty hot enough by lunchtime but not scalding (for cous cous, tip in pack, fill water to the ridge, stir and seal).

DD won't eat cheese / ham / tuna sandwiches etc so we do a lot of the Thermos stuff with the occasional chicken wrap with sweet chilli sauce.

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