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New Years Eve menu ideas please

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minipie Wed 21-Dec-16 10:32:44

There will be 6 of us.

One is pregnant (and following all the rules - so no rare meat, cured meat, uncooked fish, unpasteurised/mould rind cheese, raw egg, booze).

One doesn't like fish or cheese.

The other 4 eat everything.

Please can you give me some ideas for starter, main, pudding? Ideally things that can be mostly prepared in advance - as we have small DC and will be trying to do bedtime just before guests arrive.

I was thinking some kind of slow cooked meat dish for the main - I have seen a Hawksmoor recipe for beef shin macaroni which sounds delicious but is it a bit too homely for NYE? (it's basically pasta bake with meat/meat juices) Other ideas welcome.

No ideas for starter - usually I'd do something fish or cheese or cured meat based but... Perhaps a soup? I have never made soup blush so would need a foolproof recipe.

Pudding? I am rubbish at puddings. Maybe something fruit based?

Weedsnseeds1 Wed 21-Dec-16 13:15:04

Soup is fairly bomb proof, if you are adding cream etc. add at the end so it doesn't curdle. Basically pick your flavour of choice e.g. celery, pumpkin, watercress, leek and potato, sautee a bit of onion, add chopped veg, any herbs and spices, add stock, simmer until soft, blitz if you like smooth soup. Add any creamy stuff and reheat gently. Serve with sprinkle of chopped herbs, dollop of sour cream, croutons, whatever you fancy. Mushroom soup is lovely but if you choose that use closed cap mushrooms or it can turn a bit grey.
Main, go for something casserole style so you don't have to tend it. Your shin beef sounds good, or maybe venison or a tagine?
After Christmas fruit would be lovely and refreshing. You could just do a platter or exotic fruit cut and arranged nicely, with maybe a nice dessert wine?

minipie Thu 22-Dec-16 09:56:29

Thank you! I was thinking of a mushroom soup actually. Good tip about closed cap. I do know some people hate mushrooms though so wasn't sure (I overthink these things...) but can't think of a better idea. Croutons = great idea.

Ooh venison is a nice idea. A bit different from Christmas fare. I think I have done a venison and juniper thing in the past. DH thinks the beef shin macaroni is too casual/pasta bake-y. I may still overrule him though grin

Yes fresh fruit would be better than cooked wouldn't it. Platter of fresh fruit with some chocolate truffles and posh wafery biscuits so people can mix and match. Maybe DD1 can help me make the truffles.

Thanks again!

Hulaballoo Mon 26-Dec-16 21:09:46

How about...
Starter - a tabbouleh with bulgur wheat, coriander, chopped fresh tomatoes, mint, onion etc....
Main- beef stew or beef bourgingnon with carrots, button mushrooms etc, dumplings or with mash or rice...chunky bread... i prefer dumplings not as heavy. Dumplings can be added 30 mins before eating....
Dessert- I would offer a selection... Lemon sorbet/ strawberries & melon with raspberry coulis (coulis can be ready bought), or profiteers....

Hulaballoo Mon 26-Dec-16 21:10:35


JustCallMeKate Mon 26-Dec-16 21:16:37

Our Hogmanay menu is always the same:-

Lentil soup
Steak pie, potatoes, peas and carrots

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