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Ikea Ham - HELP !

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Rosa Mon 19-Dec-16 09:33:24

We live abroad and I said to DH in September as we were having Christmas here that I would have to try and get some gammon/ ham so I could do Nigellas ham in coke. He helpfully came home from Ikea with a frozen lump of ham. I was busy so diddn't look at it. It went in the freezer and Dh ( for space reasons) removed the outer box ..Yep you guessed it he threw the box away. So I have no idea if it is pre cooked / needs cooking / can be boiled/ roasted or whatever. Looking on Ikea it gives me recipes to make Sweedish ham . This bit looks like it has been actually cooked ( it is currently defrosting right now ) but I would like to be sure rather than poison people. I would say its about 1-2kg and its off the bone . Can anybody shine a light ?

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