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Parental experience sharing please! :)

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Martha200 Sat 17-Feb-07 08:56:36

My nearly 4 yr old is eating like a horse.
I give snacks generally in between if he has eaten well at each of the three set meals.
Yesterday I went for a shower and he completely attacked the bread, cherry toms, diced peppers from the fridge (this was not long after a good breakfast).

My friends have girls and wish they could just get more variety into theirs or in one case, wishes they would just eat, complete opposite of my concern.

I thought it was teenage boys who ate one out of house and home

I had thought maybe he is making up for a recent cold he had where he didn't eat much, but in general he seriously lurves his food.

I need to go fruit/salad/bread shopping AGAIN (I only went on Weds where I bought loads!)

Martha200 Sat 17-Feb-07 08:57:27

Oh no... JUST spotted the scream, eating all day long thread!!!

FrannyandZooey Sat 17-Feb-07 09:17:08

I know it's good for children to eat lots of fruit and veg, but it sounds like your ds is like mine, and would eat f + v all day if given the chance. I find it doesn't really fill him up and so I have to limit the amount of low calorie foods and instead give him more filling stuff in between meals - cheese, nuts, dried fruit, avocado, oatcakes, banana, etc. You could also try putting salad dressings with olive oil on his salad, or hummus dips for the veggies.

Homemade cakes and biscuits can also be a good way to fill them up - things with oats, banana, nuts, dried fruit in.

I then give say one or two portions of fruit with / after each meal. I think that's plenty for a 3 y o and saves me from spending even more on fruit than we already do

Mamgu Wed 28-Feb-07 11:21:31

Martha, your son is probably going through a growth spurt. My almost 4 year old grandson does the same thing, then he will eat normally for a while.

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