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Two chicken roast - how long?

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BearintheBigBlueHouse Fri 16-Feb-07 11:29:04

If I have two birds, each of which I'd roast for 2 hours, how long do I roast them for when they're in the oven side by side? And what if I stuff them?

Turkey's off the menu with the esteemed guests so we're trying this instead. Please help if you can.


yeahinaminute Fri 16-Feb-07 12:11:17

Shove some citrus fruits and grapes up their arses not stuffing - do that separately - pep 'em up by rubbing herby butter under the skin and over.

Cook them nestled lovingly side by side for about 2hrs 20 - pierce em a couple of times in the leg to make sure the juices are running clear - that should just about do it!!

BearintheBigBlueHouse Fri 16-Feb-07 13:09:14

thanks - so rather than doubling the time, it's an extra 20 minutes or so and a bit more "clear juices" checking than normal then...

can do Osso bucco a la Milanese, but am useless when it comes to the traditional roast - too much to get right all at the same time

yeahinaminute Fri 16-Feb-07 23:41:13

Sorry - had to do some work ( even tho' it's my own business !!) and then DH brought DD down to spring me for the afternoon!!

Anyway - hope the birds (feathered and otherwise) turned up trumps for you !!

BearintheBigBlueHouse Sun 18-Feb-07 19:41:34

Birds were perfect, thanks - moist but properly cooked. Only let down was broccoli was slightly too well cooked, but with 4 veg, goose fat roasties, 2 types of meat, stuffing, gravy and cheese sauce, not to mention starters and pud, I'll let that go. Who says we can't multi-task

MakemineaGandT Tue 20-Feb-07 18:09:33

I read this as "Two children to roast - how long?"

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