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What to serve with..

(4 Posts)
Mummyoftwo91 Mon 28-Nov-16 21:13:13

These bad boys http://www.bbcgoodfood.com/recipes/2925/onion-and-goats-cheese-tarts

Ideas please halo

ChickyDuck Mon 28-Nov-16 21:19:05

Probably just some nice salads - maybe a green salad and a tomato salad - and a bit of nice crusty bread would do it for me! What's the occasion?

Mummyoftwo91 Mon 28-Nov-16 21:42:44

Salad seems a good shout, no occasion really just cooking a rare child free dinner for dh and I!

ChickyDuck Tue 29-Nov-16 06:53:43

In which case, wine! And those posh chocolates you've been hiding in the copboard above the microwave that they can't reach grin

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