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Homemade baked beans

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thenoisytimetravelstudent Sat 26-Nov-16 16:11:31

Any good recipes for this?

twofloorsup Sat 26-Nov-16 18:36:35

Tom kerridge does a nice one I think. Google it I'm sure it's him.

AdoraBell Sat 26-Nov-16 21:19:28

I use one off BBC Good Food, can't link now but I'm sure it's listed under Mexican recipes.

CaptainWarbeck Mon 28-Nov-16 02:46:53

Jamie Oliver does a good one, if you search for BBQ baked beans you'll find it.

user1480310891 Mon 28-Nov-16 05:57:33

Thanks for the BBQ information.

CaptainWarbeck Mon 28-Nov-16 10:23:32

Made it for dinner after this! It's good with a salad, the crispy bread and (I used regular, not sweet) potatoes.

thenoisytimetravelstudent Wed 30-Nov-16 20:39:16

Thanks, I used the BBC one & baby loved it!

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