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Best cookery books for dc to learn?

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AalyaSecura Fri 25-Nov-16 18:27:09

We are starting some building work which will finally mean that we have an open plan kitchen / diner / seating area, and a hob and ovens that actually work properly! I want to start teaching the dc to cook, and it'll be much easier to get them involved when we're all in the same room unlike now with a poky kitchen, and I'd like to buy a few cookery books that we can work through together, especially with my oldest who is 9. I'm focusing more on 'make a meal' type options than baking, but a bit of both would be good.

It doesn't have to be a kid specific book, but something simple and easy to follow would be great. Any recommendations?

Thecontentedcat Fri 25-Nov-16 18:38:11

Delias complete how to cook, gets you through all the basics and the recipes work!

TheSpottedZebra Fri 25-Nov-16 19:18:31

I always say it on here, but Jamie Oliver Ministry of Food is so good for this kind of thing. It teaches even the most inexperienced beginner everything and assumes no prior knowledge, but it's not at all patronising. And it focuses on 'dinner' style cooking and shows how to make simple tweaks to a basic recipe -eg mince to spag bol etc.

AalyaSecura Sat 26-Nov-16 10:26:30

Thanks both - looking at my bookcase I already have Delia's how to cook book 1! Looking at amazon I should be able to pick up the others second hand once we've used the first one. And will look for Ministry of food too, I have one of his cookbooks, the 30 minute one, but havent used many of those recipes. Just need the kitchen now!

Any more suggestions?

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