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Birthday Party

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Blablabla1984 Tue 22-Nov-16 16:56:28

Hi all, it's my LO's 2nd birthday party next week and we're having 15 adults and 6 children.

I am on the fence with the food and I need some opinions.

Last year all we did was a big slow cooker of chili and a big pot of rice. Everyone loved it, they had seconds and went home happy.

This year I'd like to do something different, so I'm thinking lots of different finger foods (sandwiches, sausage rolls, muffins.....). What do you think? Is it too much work for that amount of people? Shall I stick to another one pot meal maybe?

Any other food ideas are welcome. Thank you!!

AtleastitsnotMonday Tue 22-Nov-16 17:12:36

I don't think one is better than the other although it does seem more like a proper birthday party with a birthday tea! (Must include little sandwiches, party rings, cheese and pineapple and sausages on sticks, skips and wotsits! grin ). The work for the tea can be done mainly in advance and there are plenty of options if you want to buy in ready made but also scope to go from scratch (although not entirely sure about homemade skips and wotsits!) I think as you are adults heavy you could definitely do some fancier sandwiches to jazz it up a bit. I guess a bit depends on when you are holding the party and how far people are traveling.

nennyrainbow Tue 22-Nov-16 17:18:53

I would stick with the format you used last year, seeing as the guests are mainly adults and your DD is too young to understand that's it's her party. There'll be plenty of traditional party food parties for years to fact by the time she leaves primary school you'll be sick of themgrin

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