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Sausage rolls, mince pies...recipies and a freezing question

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Sherbetdip1 Mon 21-Nov-16 21:46:35

In a bid to continue my "learn to cook/bake!" project I thought I would attempt some make ahead things that I can then freeze (buying myself time if they go wrong ha ha). I would like to try some nice Christmassy type things - sausage rolls, biscuits, maybe mince pies...can anybody recommend some easyish recipies and also do i freeze them unbaked then cook them from frozen, or defrost them then bake...or bake then freeze?!?!


Wildernesstips Sun 27-Nov-16 08:11:47

A basic sausage roll is just going to be sausagemeat and puff pastry, and with that I would freeze unbaked, assuming your ingredients haven't previously been frozen.

With mince pies, you are probably best off making or buying pastry and freezing that and having a jar of mincemeat in the cupboard. Then just defrost and fill and bake.

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