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teaching myself to cook - help me tackle pie!

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Sherbetdip1 Sun 13-Nov-16 19:53:45

Right so iv decided to teach myself to cook/bake. Only just begun but going well so far...after tolerating years of me not cooking my husband has requested pie! Iv got a few books but I can't find a pie recipie that grabs me! I'm thinking a chicken pie or steak/beef in gravy etc...can anyone recommend a relatively easy recipie or tell me their fool proof pie recipies?

QueenJuggler Sun 13-Nov-16 19:58:42

Pie is fairly ambitious for a beginner cook! Google some pot pie recipes, they're easier than a full crust pie.

Sherbetdip1 Sun 13-Nov-16 20:00:53

Well to be fair I was hoping to start simple - a filling and a shop bought puff pastry top ha ha x

clary Sun 13-Nov-16 20:04:37

Fry onion and mushrooms in lots of butter then add flour and then milk to make a white sauce. Throw in cooked chicken. You could also use leeks at the start. If using raw chicken fry it with the rest. You need the sauce quite thick - lots of butter and flour, not too much milk. Season and put in pie dish then top with pastry.

Do you like mushrooms/mind a veggie pie? I do a brilliant mushroom one.

Sherbetdip1 Sun 13-Nov-16 21:12:38

Oh brill clary that's exactly the kid of thing I'm thinking of..Yes to mushroom/veg Remus!

wobblywonderwoman Sun 13-Nov-16 21:16:19

I need pie now !

BrillianaHarvey Sun 13-Nov-16 21:23:13

If making a white sauce gives you the fear then you could use a can of Campbell's chicken soup and add extra veg and some chopped up chicken. My mother used to do this and it was delicious!

foodiemama26 Sun 13-Nov-16 21:24:25

any hairy bikers pie I have made has always gone down well. I usually cheat with a shop bought pastry top too!

JamieVardysParty Mon 14-Nov-16 13:05:13

The Body Coach ripped off my easiest pie ever!

Fry off leeks and chicken in a saucepan, add chicken stock and other veggies like peas/broccoli/carrots if you want, simmer for half an hour or so. Add single cream and a little cornflour until it is a thick sauce.

Pour into a oven dish and scrunch filo pastry sheets over the top. Bake until they are golden.

panad317 Mon 14-Nov-16 13:10:36

I always cheat and use a beef casserole sachet, throw everything into the casserole dish, cook for 90mins then a sheet of puff pastry on top, back into the oven until brown.

GinAndSonic Mon 14-Nov-16 17:07:02

Cooked chicken and whatever veg you fancy and a tin of condensed chicken soup. I'm too lazy to make a sauce grin

Sherbetdip1 Mon 14-Nov-16 17:53:05

Oh there are some great ideas here - thanks guys! Keep them coming if anyone has anymore!

iklboo Mon 14-Nov-16 18:00:37

Was coming to say use a tin of Campbell's soup to make the sauce. Onions, mushrooms, cooked chicken, bacon & leeks. Add a spoonful of whole grain mustard for extra depth & taste.

hollinhurst84 Mon 14-Nov-16 18:09:14

I came on to suggest the body coach one!

Mushroom -

fry 2 onions and lots and lots of mushrooms - good to have a mix of normal and big flat ones

add a teaspoon of Marmite and a large glass of red wine and let it bubble a bit

Add lots of black pepper and some fresh herbs if wished

Put the mixture into a large pie dish or a couple of smaller ones

Crumble over a load of Stilton

Top with pastry and bake until golden

The wine and cheese make a lovely rich gravy for the mushrooms.

Sherbetdip1 Mon 21-Nov-16 21:53:29

Just thought I'd come back here and report back for all those who helped! Iv now attempted two pies - one fish, went down a storm and even my fussy DH liked that! Iv also attempted a stew type filling in my clown cooker and put a pastry lid on - sorry can't see who recommended that as I'm on my phone - and what a great idea! The kids loved it! Thanks for anyone who replied!

Sherbetdip1 Mon 21-Nov-16 21:57:16

I don't own a clown cooker....SLOW cooker!!!

BrillianaHarvey Mon 21-Nov-16 21:58:59

I'm sure we could all make use of a clown cooker.

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