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Homemade fish fingers / chicken dippers - can I freeze them cooked?

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VagueButlmportant Sun 30-Oct-16 15:50:45

I'm cooking up a storm today! Have so far made a massive Chicken Korma, and a vat of bolognese sauce to be used for chillis / cottage pie / pasta dishes and a bean and pasta soup - enough meals for DD and I for 3 weeks so far [smug face!]

I have defrosted a pack of 6 chicken breasts, and two packs of cod, with the intention of making fish fingers and chicken goujons / dippers.

I've just realised that all the recipes say to refreeze them uncooked, but both lots of meat have already been frozen. Is this safe?

If not, can anyone offer an alternative for either cod or chicken or both that I could cook and freeze?

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