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Beetroot recipes

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JohnCrane Fri 21-Oct-16 06:10:08

Have some good beetroots from garden and need ideas. DCs not overly keen so usually do it in something rather than as a roast veg in side or in salad m IYSWIM. I have:

Beetroot crisps
Beetroot pancakes w smoked salmon
Beetroot risotto
Beetroot and potato rosti

Any other ideas?

thenoisytimetravelstudent Fri 21-Oct-16 06:14:23

Roast them with carrots and parsnips for a nice side dish

mudandmayhem01 Fri 21-Oct-16 06:33:09

Beetroot salad with feta cheese, roast hazlenuts and rocket

NoahVale Fri 21-Oct-16 06:49:48

i grate it into spag bol and other things. lovely shade of red.

ACubed Fri 21-Oct-16 10:11:43

I once made beetroot soup which was nice, with carrots and chilis, and a dollop of yoghurt on top

CaptainWarbeck Fri 21-Oct-16 12:28:48

Roast them with a few cloves of garlic, then blitz together with some yoghurt, makes a really good dip.

I make beetroot burgers with dill, egg and carrot but that might be a bit beetrooty for DCs.

PickAChew Fri 21-Oct-16 12:32:10

There's some nice ones in HFW's veg cookbook.

A favourite is the beetroot, walnut and cumin salad - very more-ish (and turns your wee fabulously pink for days!) I think there's a variation of that one, online.

PickAChew Fri 21-Oct-16 12:34:27

The one in the book only has the yoghurt and paprika as an optional extra

BikeRunSki Fri 21-Oct-16 12:36:57

Makes a lovely soup, with apples, onions, spuds, garlic. Box of passatta. Squeeze of lemon juice to lift it.

AtleastitsnotMonday Fri 21-Oct-16 16:05:59

Beetroot and caramelised onion tart
Beetroot and sweet potato gratin
Beetroot hummus
Beetroot burgers
I love Beetroot, there was a good thread not too long ago along the same lines that I posted on. Would be worth searching.

PippilottaViktualia Fri 21-Oct-16 16:16:26

You could make šaltibarščiai. It's my favourite and my toddlers love it too. It's a cold soup made with kefir and it's really lovely, can serve with boiled eggs and potatoes.

LadyMonicaBaddingham Fri 21-Oct-16 16:34:46

Beetroot Gratin

800g beetroot
25g freshly grated Parmesan
150ml double cream (approx.)
butter and fresh breadcrumbs

Bake or microwave the beetroot until tender, and peel. Slice thinly. Layer the slices in an ovenproof dish, seasoning well and sprinkling cheese between each layer. Pack the beetroot in tightly, press down well, and scatter over the last of the cheese. Pour over the cream, which should come level with the top of the beetroot. Top with breadcrumbs and dot with butter. Bake at 190°c for 15-20 minutes until golden brown and bubbling.

StrongTeaHotShower Sun 23-Oct-16 10:50:52

Beetroot, watercress, mint and goats curd salad with toasted pine nuts. Easy and yum.

bookbook Sun 23-Oct-16 19:06:59

Proper Red Velvet Cake - with beetroot, not colouring smile

70ontheinside Sun 23-Oct-16 19:15:36

Beetroot, Apple and onion salad with a balsamic vinegar and olive oil dressing!

Shadowboy Sun 23-Oct-16 19:21:09

Being part Ukrainian- can't beat a beetroot borscht!!

YelloDraw Mon 24-Oct-16 15:10:58

This is relaly nice - I served it kinda as a warm salad with couscous or quinoa

YelloDraw Mon 24-Oct-16 15:11:51

This is the best ever beetrot food:

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