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Need a recipe for slow cooker bacon/potato/cheese hotpot thing

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RaisingSteam Thu 20-Oct-16 19:07:22

I've eaten this at other people's houses but don't have a recipe. We are out for the day with PIL's tomorrow and I want to come home to something warm and tasty and impressive.

I think it's layers of bacon/potato slices/onions/cheese but can anyone share a bit more detail? Do I need to fry off the bacon? I don't have any cream in but should I put in any stock?

Alibobbob Thu 20-Oct-16 19:11:31

I saw something like this on Facebook. I will try to find it....

Alibobbob Thu 20-Oct-16 20:16:44

I couldn't find it but attached another link

Spookle Thu 20-Oct-16 22:10:21

I saw this recipe video yesterday OP. Slow cooker cheesy bacon potatoes.

It is the first video at the top above the chicken pot pie recipe

RaisingSteam Fri 21-Oct-16 01:21:38

Thank you!

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