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Easy but impressive nibbles ideas please!

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BradleyPooper Tue 18-Oct-16 13:50:16

I'm hosting a committee meeting and need to impress. There will be wine but I need some nibbles that can be eaten easily without plates or cutlery. Couple of steps up from peanuts. Any ideas?

ShowMeTheElf Tue 18-Oct-16 13:53:04

buffet, served standing or on plates passed round during the meeting?
How many people?

BradleyPooper Tue 18-Oct-16 13:57:43

No plates, it's a meeting of about 15 people round my dining table, there will be lots of paperwork and no room for lots of plates etc. It's after dinnertime. Just canape ideas please!

ShowMeTheElf Tue 18-Oct-16 14:06:02

I'm a fan of mini pita bread for occasions like this: split them and fill with:1)cream cheese, rare roast beef, a slice of cherry tomato and a dab or horseradish. 2) smoked salmon, cream cheese and cucumber 3) mozzarella, slice of cherry tomato and pesto or a basil leaf. I like them because each one is a single bite (they are small!). They are full of flavour. They don't make your fingers salty or sticky as you are going through paperwork.

Alternatively break half way through the meeting for coffee and bacon sandwiches.

Though if it's after dinner a cheese board, some good coffee and a few biscuits should be enough. Canapes need someone to serve them.

Artandco Tue 18-Oct-16 14:13:17

Nice biscuits
Some various nuts
Some nachos with guacamole and houmous

foodiemama26 Tue 18-Oct-16 15:02:44

parma ham wrapped around breadsticks or asparagus and dip eg pesto mayo
cheese straws
crisps/mini breadsticks/pitta with a selection of homemade dips eg feta and red pepper
halloumi skewers
chicken tikka skewers
sliders with a variety of burgers/toppings
figs topped with goats or blue cheese

AtleastitsnotMonday Tue 18-Oct-16 15:29:20

Will you able to serve things warm or does it need to be cold?

BradleyPooper Tue 18-Oct-16 16:19:31

Thanks all! I could do warm food but it will have to be bung in the oven stuff as I'm chairing the meeting. This is also why I don't want to be cooking bacon at 9pm halfway through a meeting. People will want to get home, not make meeting longer by cooking food. I'm in Texas and everyone does chips and queso / guac so I'm steering clear of that (also it's messy). I can do mini pitas, skewers, nuts ....

AtleastitsnotMonday Tue 18-Oct-16 19:48:48

Smoked salmon blinis are easy to make up in advance, little bruschetta made on sliced individual baguette so they are bite size, could do a range of toppings, regular tomato, garlic mushrooms, pea, mint and feta etc. Little puff pastry squares with Brie and cranberry or caramelised onion and goats cheese.

RiverTam Tue 18-Oct-16 19:50:54

these spiced nuts are amazing, but you'll need napkins!

Aquiver Thu 20-Oct-16 08:08:36

Sorry if I'm late to the party but I love making crostini for these occasions - thinly sliced good quality ciabatta or white baguette, lightly toasted or grilled. Rub a garlic clove on one side and a very light drizzle of olive oil and add toppings:

Goats cheese or blue cheese and ripe fig / peach slices (v thin)
Smoked salmon and smear of cream cheese
Parma ham / prosciutto and cream cheese etc

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