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Best joints to cook in a slower cooker

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TokenGinger Mon 17-Oct-16 15:28:35


My nana is getting more and more frail but is insistent on making Christmas dinner again this year. I've just told her it's possible to make joints in the slow cooker which'll lighten the load a bit. However, I've never done it.

Can you advise on what's best to cook in there? She wants to do a gammon. Can you do a turkey?

She usually does 3 or 4 meats so I'm thinking beef or lamb. My worry is that I imagine if they're slow cooked they'd just crumble and wouldn't come out in slices.

Mummytogg Wed 19-Oct-16 08:46:03

Ive done a turkey crown and boneless beef joint before. Very tender but they do tend to crumble

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