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Quick meals for one

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Leirope Sun 16-Oct-16 17:29:18

DH has gone away for work for a month, leaving me with 4 month old DS who I can leave alone for five minutes, ten mins max, which is limiting my choice of meals. Normally when he goes away for shorter stretches I survive on tortelloni and salad or ready meals, but this obviously isn't sustainable over a month. I love cooking and to be honest it's one of the things I miss most about life pre-baby.

I'd love to hear your recipe suggestions to get me out of this rut!

Blondie1984 Sun 16-Oct-16 22:02:52

I really like this one - i have it either with a pitta bread or rice (the microwave sachet type)

AtleastitsnotMonday Sun 16-Oct-16 22:55:15

Stir frys
Fish with some spice or herb wrapped in foil and left to do its thing in the oven.
Falafels (batch cooked and frozen or bought from Waitrose with pittas and salad
Are my go to's also just discovered new Heinz creations range of various pulses in various guises when make the easiest meal over a jacket potato or with rice or cous cous

SheDoneAlreadyDoneHadHerses Sun 16-Oct-16 22:55:29

Can you put baby in a sling whilst cooking? Or in a bouncer whilst you're in the kitchen so he can still see you and hear you talk to him?

Leirope Mon 17-Oct-16 09:24:55

Oooh, these are great. I've been meaning to try to cook more prawns so happy to see them suggested. I think I may need to invest in a microwave too

Not sure I can cook with him in the sling as I've only got wee arms so with him I would be like a t-Rex trying to get everything done! Will give the bouncer a go and see how he gets on.

Spottyladybird Mon 17-Oct-16 11:46:19

Gnocchi with veg or jarred sauce
Wraps- I chuck chopped onions, peppers, halloumi etc in a roasting tin with some fajita spice and honey then have in wraps.
Eggs are good and quick.

Toffeelatteplease Mon 17-Oct-16 11:53:01

bulk standard value rice can be cooked in a microwave too. Put in microwave bowl ad seasoning as desired, add twice as much boiling water as rice (can do from cold but takes longer) cook 5 mins, stir, cook another 3-5 mins as required. all the water should absorb. Add frozen peas or sweetcorn half way through if desired.

Meanwhile grill of fry fish or chicken (in curRye sauce is nice) or fry mince.

KitKat1985 Mon 17-Oct-16 12:27:19

Chow mein? Just stir-fry some vegetables (you can get ready made packs for quickness) with some noodles and chicken / prawn / tofu etc and add some sauce towards the end. Takes about 10 mins. xx

Nermerner Mon 17-Oct-16 12:29:01

Waitrose ready meals

Destinysdaughter Mon 17-Oct-16 12:30:39

This is delicious and takes 5 mins to prepare. I just use normal pasta. You can also add mushrooms, peppers or asparagus too.

lastqueenofscotland Mon 17-Oct-16 13:07:09

Stir fried veg and noodles
Soups and rolls

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