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Is my husband the fussiest eater in the world

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tenbygirl Thu 08-Feb-07 15:38:23

He's vegetarian - so meat and fish are out (fair enough).

He also won't eat;

any sort of pre=prepared/microwave food
tinned tomatoes
rice (more than once a week)

I've just about stopped cooking for him as am fed up with it all. Its bad enough having a fussy kid when you work full time. But I feel guilty about not cooking him dinner.

PeachyClair Thu 08-Feb-07 15:47:25

I used to know a chap who wouldn't eat red things

sweets or tomato, not a thing

and my ex-fiance used to eat

weetabix, 2 with semi skimmed

tuna and mayo sarnie and banana

chicken kiev, garlic mushrooms, choc fudge cake

probably 5 days a week

Sheraz Thu 08-Feb-07 15:56:29

Sorry tenby but if he wants to be that pathetic about food, leave him to sort himself out. i wouldn't tolerate that nonsense from my kids.

ItsMeMellowma Thu 08-Feb-07 15:58:29

My dh is a nightmare, meals he eats are:

Mince and potato
and sometimes
steak pie...

I leave him to get himself something on the evenings he doesn't like that!!

PuppyDogsTails Thu 08-Feb-07 17:06:45

Mine will not eat:

Any Vagatables
Any Dairy

So that leaves meat and potatoes
Boring boring boring

I veer between trying Fussy children tips and letting him find something himself - usually a packet of chocolate fingers for his main evening meal!
I blame his mother
But I dread the example he willl give to our children.

Saturn74 Thu 08-Feb-07 17:10:19

Blimey, it's hard enough trying to get a balanced diet for my children without having to worry about my DH being picky.
Don't feel guilty, tenbygirl, I would have told my DH to cook for himself if he didn't like what the rest of us were having.

2gorgeousboys Thu 08-Feb-07 17:11:24

Evening all! My DH will not eat vegetables of any kind. My 2 DS's both love any veg so in our house the boys spend tea time saying "Just one more carrot Daddy and then you can have some pudding"

Roobie Thu 08-Feb-07 17:12:00

Mine is a veggie but will also not eat eggs or vegetables. He lives on pasta with various sauces (pesto/tomato etc), beans on toast, cereal and pizza.
If we're having a dineer party or eating out he will sometimes indulge in a goats cheese tartlet or something of that ilk but that's about it.

Roobie Thu 08-Feb-07 17:12:37

And I blame his mother too - deinitely pandered to as a child

Radley Thu 08-Feb-07 17:13:52

Haha, I think I have met someone with a hubby who is as fussy as mine, mine won't eat

Tomato (loves baked beans though)
Brown bread
Any other margarine than stork
Cream (Inc sauces for pasta etc)
Any cooked vegetables except potatoes
Any other fruit than apples

taylormama Thu 08-Feb-07 17:14:17

my DH is well fussy
no dairy - no milk, cheese, etc etc (can smell butter a mile off)
will eat peanut butter and marmite
no lamb, only chicken breast, barely any fruit -
drives me insane!

Booboobedoo Thu 08-Feb-07 17:16:02

tenbygirl: I was in love with a man with pretty much the same diet restrictions as the ones you list.

It was actually one of the main reasons we didn't end up together.

I feel for you - and save the guilt for something that's worth worrying about.

Pinotmum Thu 08-Feb-07 17:16:58

I went out with a guy for 6 years who only ate :

Pork/lamb chops, steak, roast beef/ pork/chicken, baked/boiled/roast potatoes, and apples/bananas/oranges. That was it. Dining out in resturants was fun - no to Chinese, Indian, Thai meals etc. On holiday was a nightmare.

I married a dustbin much easier.

Indith Thu 08-Feb-07 17:17:42

Nope, I know a far worse eater. Friend of mine eats:

Margarita pizza
soft boiled egg- but only the yolk
spaghetti hoops
mild chedder
toast and butter

she drinks:

orange juice mixed with lemonade

If given spag bol will eat it picking verything out of the bol so she basically eats spaghetti with sauce juice! I lived with her for a year the above is literally what she ate.

nzshar Thu 08-Feb-07 18:15:45

Wow it just amazes me that so many people behave worse than their children when it comes to eating and worse is the pandering that everyone seems to keep on giving them. If my DP was as fussy as some on here he would be cooking for himself (oh and us as well on the 3/4 days a week he cooks)

tenbygirl Thu 08-Feb-07 18:17:14

I actually think I would prefer it if he only ate spagetthi hoops and pizza - at least dinner would be easy to prepare

For a treat I just made him some sort of spinach and lentil and chickpea curry. With proper tomatoes rather than tinned tomatoes! Pointed this out to him and he didn't even bother saying thanks. Is it too much to expect that just once in a while he could say thanks for dinner, or that dinner was nice, grrrrrr.

Mercy Thu 08-Feb-07 18:21:24

Blimey, and I thought mine was bad!

Tenbygirl, I think you've done the right thing. Let him cook his own food and DO NOT feel guilty.

And good luck - is he likely to moan?

tenbygirl Thu 08-Feb-07 18:29:21

He does moan - big time. He moaned today that I only ever buy "stuff" from Tescos and not "proper food". Also moans that I neglect him. Well I manage to feed me and dd quite well on whatever stuff I'm buying.

But I got tomatoes, broccoli, potatoes, bean burgers, salad, spinach and rocket and oranges, bananas, apples and onions. So plenty of stuff for him. And even though he knew I'd gone shopping he went out and bought tomatoes, rocket, bannanas and brocoli!!!! So now we have double.

Carmenere Thu 08-Feb-07 18:30:29

Oh now you see this is one of my bug-bears. This is why you must not indulge your dc's. Because they grow into pathetic adults with a limited spectrum of foods that they like.

My dp bless him will eat mostly anything apart from red meat. My dss on the other hand was a blardy nightmare when he first came to live with us. He was 14 and had been a vegetarian since he was about 8. His dm who doesn't like him very much anyway dealt with his vegetarianism by just feeding him crap.

When he came to live with me he would only eat potato waffles, fried eggs, omlette, hash browns and margherita pizza. He is 18 now and can now cook a mean veggie curry, eat loads of vegetables and pulses and has a really good balanced diet. BUT he has a curvature on his spine that may or may not be as a result of a lack of nutrients as a child. He is 18 now but it has not been a particularly easy 4 years however I feel my job has been done satisfactorily as now he understands how important good nutrition is and he loves vegetables.

I have a 3 yr old dd and if she doesn't want to eat something, fine, no problem, she just doesn't get something else cooked specially for her.

compo Thu 08-Feb-07 18:33:30

tenbygirl - what does he eat in restaurants?!!

tenbygirl Thu 08-Feb-07 18:37:15

We'll only go out for curry or thai.

On the odd occassion that we've had to go out for a pub type meal (with others), he picks at whatever the vegi option is (broccoli bake, etc). Or if there's nut roast on the menu he'll eat that.

To be honest we don't go out much as he complains about the smoking so much!

mousiemousie Thu 08-Feb-07 18:40:35

get your dh to menu plan for the whole family then you can just shop and cook it. Might be an insight for him as to how difficult it is.

ShowOfHands Thu 08-Feb-07 18:48:58

DH's cousin will only eat margherita pizza or plain pasta. That is it. Honestly, nothing else passes his lips.

Lived with a guy at university who would only eat baked beans, porridge, mayonnaise and cereal.

In both these cases their mothers had allowed the behaviour from an extremely young age and neither one has found a woman to put up with them...

franke Thu 08-Feb-07 18:52:36

Er hang on a minute Tenbygirl - didn't you say in your OP that you work full time? So on top of that you do all the shopping and the cooking - yes? And he moans at you. Can you see where I'm going with this?

admylin Thu 08-Feb-07 19:01:29

He's not indian is he? Mine is and only eats his spicey curry dishes - very fussy but I know why, he was spoilt rotten and ran after like a pascha in his childhood. He even told me his sisters got the last choice out of the pot and his mum always saved the best bits of meat for him even if he was late.

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