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Pepperoni slices

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Notthinkingclearly Tue 11-Oct-16 18:45:40

Bought pepperoni slices today for kids to make pizzas. Son ate some straight from packet. Not bought any before so wasn't sure if it had to be cooked. Doesn't imply on pack so guessing ok but a but paranoid I will give kids food poisoning. Here's a picture. Will it be ok?

AtleastitsnotMonday Tue 11-Oct-16 18:50:30

No it's fine cold

QuilliamCakespeare Tue 11-Oct-16 18:54:21

Nope, unless he's pregnant he'll be fine smile

PippilottaViktualia Tue 11-Oct-16 19:00:18

It's fine OP, don't worry! Pepperoni is cured.

This reminded me of when my friend from home visited us in the UK and found some bacon in the fridge and ate it raw on a crackerbread grin he didn't know

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