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Work lunches for someone with no oven?

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velourvoyageur Sun 09-Oct-16 11:04:57

Hello all!

Would be very grateful for any ideas!
I rent and also am not allowed to fry anything (!) so feel quite restricted, but am sick of eating ready meals and tuna sandwiches or cold pasta.

So far I have:

Lentils with parsley, tomato, cucumber and mince, peppers, crème fraiche/tuna mayo

Pitta stuffed with chicken, hummus, avocado, mozzarella, spinach leaves with balsamic vinegar

Basically just want something calorific and satisfying that fills you up!

Many thanks in advance smile smile

Turquoisetamborine Sun 09-Oct-16 11:34:51

Make your own pesto (basil, pine nuts, Parmesan, garlic if you want and olive oil) in a food processor. I love my Nutri Ninja for stuff like this. Stir through pasta and then add spinach leaves and halved cherry tomatoes and extra toasted pine nuts.

Soups? I'm making leek and potato as we speak. Everyone at work seems to eat soup and nip over to Lidl for fresh bread to go with it.

Other colleagues eat salads where they chuck ready cooked chicken, beetroot, leaves, potato salad with stuff like couscous in a Tupperware. Always looks quite nice.

I do myself homemade nachos as well. Make some salsa in the blender, add guacamole and a dollop of sour cream and melt some cheese over it in the microwave. Add black beans as well.

How can your landlord possibly say you can't fry things???

velourvoyageur Sun 09-Oct-16 11:47:32

Thank you Turquoise! Forgot about couscous! Like the nachos idea too. And potato salad.

I'm renting a room/bathroom/'kitchen' from relatives I don't know well and they say it's not properly ventilated for frying, and because it's family I don't really want to make a thing of it. I know, it's weird, but oh well...healthier in the long run I spose!

AtleastitsnotMonday Sun 09-Oct-16 16:59:02

Bagels with smoked salmon and cream cheese. Could you get a food flask and take a microwaved jacket with beans? Hard boiled eggs would be a good addition to your salads and sarnies.

mumhum Sun 09-Oct-16 17:06:37

Scrambled eggs, best made in microwave IMO.

NeverEverAnythingEver Sun 09-Oct-16 19:05:48

I take cold noodles (soya sauce, chilli oil and sesame oil dressing) or cold pasta (olive oil, balsamic vinegar dressing) with prawns/ham/chicken/cucumber/carrots/tomatoes etc for lunch.

Ylvamoon Sun 09-Oct-16 19:10:26

Boild eggs, avocado or cold meats? Can be as part of salad or sandwich...

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