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Can I heat uncle Ben's rice that has been out of the packet?

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Bethharden96 Sat 08-Oct-16 17:22:14

So the other day I accidentally opened 2 bags or rice when I only needed 1. I put it in a bag and sealed it but it's been in the fridge for 3 days, can I still use it? Obviously I haven't cooked it yet I just wanted to know if it's okay to be stored out of the original packaging?

dementedpixie Sat 08-Oct-16 17:24:32

What does it say about using once opened? I wouldn't use it tbh as it's been open for several days

dementedpixie Sat 08-Oct-16 17:25:16

I assume you mean the already cooked stuff

Bethharden96 Sat 08-Oct-16 18:09:30

Yeah I mean the already cooked stuff

ZazieCats Sat 08-Oct-16 20:19:14

Yes, do it with the Sainsbury's ones. Do nuke it a bit extra though.

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