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Out of date jus roll

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puffinpants Thu 06-Oct-16 18:14:14

I've got out of date jus roll in the fridge - due off on the 2nd Oxtober
Could I cook it tonight or do I need to ditch it?

KP86 Thu 06-Oct-16 18:14:41

Open and give it a sniff. I think you'll know.

puffinpants Thu 06-Oct-16 18:15:55

Does it smell bad when it's off then? Was thinking I'd do a tart of some description

It's the puff pastry type

atticusclaw2 Thu 06-Oct-16 18:16:25

It will be fine. I've used it well over a week out of date with no adverse consequences.

atticusclaw2 Thu 06-Oct-16 18:16:53

when it goes completely over it will turn greyish. Don't use it then, it tastes weird.

puffinpants Thu 06-Oct-16 18:18:00

Ok - will open it and see

puffinpants Thu 06-Oct-16 18:18:08

Thanks guys!

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