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Dinner party for vegetarians…. HELP!

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NotdeadyetBOING Thu 06-Oct-16 17:34:29

Have to rustle something up for tomorrow night. Kids say 'pasta' and can't see why that won't quite cut it. Please share your ideas for something decent I can make…… Need inspiration!

FeelingSmurfy Thu 06-Oct-16 17:36:32

Chilli? With rice, wedges, baked (normal or sweet)potato, tortilla chips

FeelingSmurfy Thu 06-Oct-16 17:37:20

Few Currys with rice, chips, naan, poppadoms, bhaji, samosas

iklboo Thu 06-Oct-16 17:37:26

Adults or kids?

NotdeadyetBOING Thu 06-Oct-16 17:37:52

Adults AND kids….

NotdeadyetBOING Thu 06-Oct-16 17:38:28

Mmm - hadn't considered a curry. Love vegetarian curry just have never made one in my life

NattyTile Thu 06-Oct-16 17:41:09

Pasta's great!

Or a mushroom risotto, herby pull apart bread, and a nice leafy salad. Or spinach and pinenut risotto.

Spinach roulade?

Chestnut casserole with jacket potatoes?

Posh pizzas - red onion and goats cheese, or courgette ribbons and asparaguswith Boursin?

TwentyCups Thu 06-Oct-16 17:41:42

veg fajitas would be good here for adults and kids! Plenty of guacamole and salsa and salad and sour cream to go round!

lovingperson Thu 06-Oct-16 17:44:26

I love this recipe, it's easy and makes loads so plenty for all. http://

NotdeadyetBOING Thu 06-Oct-16 17:44:56

Mmm - quite inspired by idea of spinach and pine nut risotto. And chestnut casserole for that matter <starts Googling recipes like mad…>

BiddyPop Thu 06-Oct-16 17:50:15

We've done the Jamie Oliver Friday night takeaway alternative veg curry before which was very good.

Pasta with tomato sauce and a shed load of roasted Mediterranean veggies in it, sharing bread, plenty of Parmesan and salad would be good.

Tomato and cheese tart or goats cheese and red onion on a puff pastry base?

LonnyVonnyWilsonFrickett Thu 06-Oct-16 17:56:59

I love curry and a decent veggie lasagne, both of which are great for a crowd. I wouldn't thank you for risotto - plus as its a stand and stir dish, it's a pita to time etc. Make your own tacos with a good beany chilli and maybe stir fry spicy veg with all the trimmings would be good too.

milkshakeandmonstermunch Thu 06-Oct-16 17:59:38

This is making me hungry! I was a vegetarian for 20+ years (eat fish occasionally now so not technically veggie anymore) and I love pasta so I think that's fine. I know how awkward I can be so I'm always grateful for anything that is going. I've been given a roast dinner without the meat before - suits me!

Some of my favourites that feature regularly in our house:

Butternut squash and hazelnut risotto with salad

Lentil curry or mutter paneer with rice and snacky bits

Easy thai curry with tofu and veg

Quorn bolognaise bake with salad and bread

Quorn mince chilli with baked sweet potato

Veg/Quorn fajitas

yeOldeTrout Thu 06-Oct-16 18:00:04

Potato salad (mayo, radishes, etc) would make me happier than pasta... but I am grateful for anything someone else prepared.

bookbook Thu 06-Oct-16 18:05:06

Filo parcels with goats cheese and spinach ( is goats cheese vegetarian ?
yy to squash risotto - I always link to this as its fab
Roast mediterranean vegetable quiche with baby new potatoes

iklboo Thu 06-Oct-16 18:06:06

We're not vegetarian but like mixing it up and having veggie dishes now and again

Mixed vegetable tart
Mediterranean vegetable bake
Vegetable fajitas
Vegetable lasagne
Vegetable chilli

FeelingHotHotHotOhYeah Thu 06-Oct-16 18:11:16

Vegi lasagne

Layers tomato sauce, pasta, roasted butternut squash, mushrooms, leaks and ricotta!


Paulat2112 Thu 06-Oct-16 18:26:39

Just be careful with parmesan as its not vegetarian smile I think the curry option would be good with all the 'trimmings' too

Grumbug Thu 06-Oct-16 22:38:52

Some amazing recipes here:
DH is total carnivore but loves these.

NotdeadyetBOING Fri 07-Oct-16 09:59:32

Wow - some amazing recommendations. Thank you all SO much. I feel spoilt for choice.

lastqueenofscotland Fri 07-Oct-16 13:07:49


ShowMeTheElf Fri 07-Oct-16 13:13:30

sag paneer
tarka dhal
aloo gobi
bhindi bhaji
a mixed veg and mushroom curry
a salad of chopped tomatoes and coriander leaves.
pilau rice
popadoms and pickles. won't be able to make them leave!

RockinHippy Fri 07-Oct-16 13:27:18

Lentil & Mushroom Cobbler served with vegetables such as cabbage & carrots & new potatoes is a vege dinner party favourite here. Its easy & can be made in advance ready for baking in the oven, which always helps when cooking for a dinner party

I would do a good soup as a starter & a vegan chocolate mousse decorated with strawberries for pudding, again all can be made in advance.

If there are several kids, I would make pizza dough, give them a chunk each according to their size/age, fill bowls with toppings & let them make their own pizzas & let them have the mousse for pudding too

cookiefiend Fri 07-Oct-16 14:15:27

If you do curry this spinach and coconut daal is so easy. toss it all in pot (I just use several cubes of chopped frozen spinach instead of fresh) the just leave it to cook- though try to remember to stir every so often to stop it catching. Everyone loves it even my 3yo, under 1 and funny about veggie food PIL

yummy dal

LaContessaDiPlumpOnSea Fri 07-Oct-16 14:17:38

Pumpkin chili

Seasonal and delicious!

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