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Salad Recipes that aren't awful?

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HackAttack Sat 01-Oct-16 21:18:42

I want to include more veggie/salad recipes in my diet. I've lost six stone but I've got one more to go and I want to continue improving my diet.

Salad is my nemesis, I have to force it down sad

I love cooked veggies but salad is something I need to make nicer.

No cucumber but otherwise I love everything else.

Blondie1984 Sat 01-Oct-16 23:13:15

Why not put roast veggies in your salad? So things like roasted peppers, beetroot, red onions etc go really nicely in a salad with some spinach leaves and cherry tomatoes.

ishouldcocoa Sat 01-Oct-16 23:18:49

I chuck in cooked and cold green beans into my salad. I always cook too many.

Check out Ottam Yotolenghis' cookery books called Plenty and Plenty More. They have great salad-y type recipes using raw and cooked veg.

Wolfiefan Sat 01-Oct-16 23:21:58

I liked lots of recipes in the book salad love. Lots of ideas I hadn't thought of.

HackAttack Sat 01-Oct-16 23:56:37

Thank you!! Currently making one for tomorrow's lunch, romaine lettuce, roasted onion, roasted peppers, sliced chicken, beetroot and black olives. Chilli, paprika and a tiny bit of mayo for flavour

Highlove Sun 02-Oct-16 08:54:42

This is awesome - I love it.

For me the trick is a decent dressing. Which generally means homemade (keeps for a couple of weeks in the fridge so I do a batch - only takes ten minutes or so) and definitely not shop-bought zero fat ones. <boak>

HackAttack Sun 02-Oct-16 09:39:22

That does look nice, will definitely try it, thanks smile

gunting Mon 03-Oct-16 20:00:15

This probably isn't healthy but we do: chicken, spinach, halloumi, pineapple, sweetcorn and spring onion salads and they are lovely

HackAttack Tue 04-Oct-16 18:43:38

My biggest problem is the texture of leafy veg grosses me out but I'm trying to work on it blush

WorkingBling Thu 06-Oct-16 20:51:27

Not sure if it's too late and you aren't following anymore but I think you have nailed the issue with salad - texture of greens can be the problem. The secret is to mix
Up the textures. So 1. Try mixing different salad leaves (buy in mixed bags if you are lazy like me - I use the beetroot mix leaves from Waitrose most often but any mixed salad leaves are good generally.). 2. Ensure your ratio of other things is suitably high so you are not mostly eating lettuce 3. And always include at least a couple
Of crunchy things - celery, peppers, spring onion, (cucumber normally but not for you), v thinly sliced carrots, mange tout etc. 4. Add different textures and flavours to keep it interesting e.g. Pine nuts (toast them first if possible), cheese, tomatoes, olives etc. 5. Use good dressing even if it's just olive oil and balsamic vinegar.

Also, there are other salads that don't require lettuce. I like roasted butternut (cubes) with spinach and toasted pinenuts. Dressed just with olive oil. Tomatoe, avocado and mozzarella dressed with olive oil, basil and (optional) balsamic. Cucumber, watermelon, chilli and lime (probably not for you, but you see my point). Lentil (from a tin), beetroot (home roasted if you can but otherwise just whatever you have), goats cheese is lovely with lemon and olive oil. Rocket, fig and blue cheese dressed with olive oil and honey. Chopped tomato, parsley with olive oil and red wine vinegar and salt (although doesn't work as a standalone for me).

hazelnutlatte Fri 07-Oct-16 13:20:07

If you are not a fan of the texture of green leaves then don't have them! How about a mix of grated carrot, fennel and beetroot for your salad base instead? Or shredded red cabbage?

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