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Sticky rice experts: rice cooker or instant pot?

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Maplessglobe Fri 30-Sep-16 16:48:04

I'm buying a gift for someone who loves sticky rice and wants to be able to make it quickly. Do I buy a rice cooker (any particular recommendations)? Or do I go for the slightly sexier instant pot?

Maplessglobe Sat 01-Oct-16 06:42:27


Ineedabiscuit Sat 01-Oct-16 10:57:00

If you can afford the instant pot go for that or an other similar digital pressure cooker .
They are hugely more versatile than just a rice cooker.
I was able to get rid of my rice cooker after getting my IP which I love and use more and more .

Maplessglobe Sat 01-Oct-16 12:51:54

Oh really? biscuit? I've been looking into it and I've just seen some reports the IP was not great for sticky rice and lots saying it burned their rice... Is that not your experience?

Ineedabiscuit Tue 04-Oct-16 11:10:57

I think you just need to experiment with the IP and when I cook rice I just use the manual setting for less time as I prefer it to using rice setting. Never tried to cook sticky rice though just normal and risotto.
I can't recommend the Ip more though , I use it for so many things now as it's so simple and quick and versatile as I've been experimenting...

Maplessglobe Tue 04-Oct-16 17:52:49

Thanks ineed, that's really helpful smile

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