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Healthy(ish) Snack Food

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MeadowHay Wed 28-Sep-16 16:57:34

I need ideas for healthy snack food. When I say healthy, I basically just mean "not quite as unhealthy as chocolate bars and crisps", realistically. I'm a huge snacker and I eat too much crap! I'm trying to only eat when I'm actually hungry, which has meant I've shed a few extra pounds (although I wasn't overweight even then). The problem is though that I'm hungry A LOT. I can't eat huge meals because it upsets my tummy/bowels (IBS & acid reflux sufferer), and I can't force myself to wait til the next meal when I'm hungry because the aforementioned acid reflux means I get pain which can get severe.

So help me make my snacking not-quite-as-awful for my health as it is now! So far I've thought of:
Fruit - can be expensive though and goes off quickly! Apples are a good one and cheap, and I like avocados but they are pricey. I love all berries but they always seem to be going off/bad quality! I don't like bananas unfortunately. I buy clementines too. I just find that fruit never seems to make me any less hungry!!
Veg - carrot & celery sticks, maybe with hummous?
Popcorn - I prefer sweet though, is this just as bad as other crap junk food?
Yoghurts - usually Activia, Yeo Valley or Onken. Don't know what they are like health-wise compared to other brands.
Cereal bars (Belvita and the like)
Cereal, toast, pancakes, waffles etc for a bigger snack (usually in the evenings).

eurochick Wed 28-Sep-16 17:05:52

Peanut butter on cracker or rice cake
Flapjack or granola bar
Piece of cheese

ChickyDuck Wed 28-Sep-16 17:22:09

Have you tried frozen fruit? So much cheaper than fresh. Depending on my mood I either get it out in the morning to defrost and eat it later in the day, blitz it for a few seconds in the microwave and top with natural yog (and maybe a squirt of honey) or eat frozen which is almost like an ice pop! I like mixed berries or raspberries or grapes best.

ChickyDuck Wed 28-Sep-16 17:22:32

Also it doesn't go off!

MeadowHay Wed 28-Sep-16 18:47:33

No I haven't, thanks for that, will deffo look into it!

BreakingBod Wed 28-Sep-16 19:22:25

A couple of crackers with either cheese or humous? Or a smoothie made with yogurt and some frozen fruit.

Blondie1984 Wed 28-Sep-16 21:03:38

I like Greek yoghurt with stewed apple - the yoghurt brands you mentioned are fine if you are having the natural ones but if they are the fruit ones then they can be high in sugar

Veg - also try raw cauliflower, peppers, cherry tomatoes, cucumber sticks - hummus is fine but watch the portion size - and salsa is also a great thing to dip into

When I need something more substantial I have a small bowl of porridge - it really helps to fill a gap

Ryvita or rice/oat cakes with Extra Light Philadelphia

Cottage cheese

NotmeItWasNotme Wed 28-Sep-16 21:08:27

Hi, I am always trying to find healthy snacks too. With popcorn, if you make your own on the stove with a little bit of oil at the bottom, then when it is popped, remove from heat and throw in a pinch of sugar and a little salt and put the lid back on. The condensation in the pan will make the sugar and salt stick (to some extent) to the popcorn and it is very cheap, too.

Also, What about brown pita bread and cream cheese. Corn cakes have a very satisfying crunch.

MeadowHay Wed 28-Sep-16 23:11:52

Oooh, loving all these suggestions, thanks! Taking a note for next time I do a food shop!

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