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Freezable batch cooked meals

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MyBreadIsEggy Wed 21-Sep-16 08:19:30

I'm trying to think of what meals I can cook and freeze toddler-sized portions of.
When I make certain meals, I deliberately make too much, and get 2 or 3 toddler portions to freeze out of it. I do this with:
- Cottage Pie
- Lasagne
- Sausage pasta bake
- Chilli con Carne
Dd won't eat rice, so curries are a no go unfortunately, and she seems to have developed a weird hatred for bolognese all of a sudden hmm Any ideas of what other meals I can freeze, defrost and microwave for her? We are expected DC2 in 6 weeks, so I want to be able to keep cooking to a minimum after the birth, and make things easy for DH. Even he can't mess up defrosting a portion of something and putting it in the microwave!!

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