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Marrows. What next?

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MaureenMLove Tue 20-Sep-16 20:16:08

It's turning in to The Good Life at Chez Mo the last couple of months! DHs boss has a wonderful kitchen garden, but isn't great in the kitchen. DH and I are, so he grows it and we cook it and share.

Over the last month or two we've had loads of plums, which are currently bubbling away with yeast and sugar grin Similar situation with figs. Pumpkin soup in freezer, mixed veg curries and a stuffed marrow.

Last week, he brought home another marrow, so I decided on chutney. I made 16 jars of the stuff!

I had literally, in the last hour, labelled them all when there's a knock at the door and another friend presents me with a marrow from his mums garden! I swopped it for a jar of chutney of course, but now what?

I'm not over keen on stuffed marrow tbh. Once a year is enough for me and the chutney even if I give it to nearest and dearest for Christmas, I'll have enough until this time next year!

So what can I do with my new marrow?? Any ideas?

TunawithShrimp Tue 20-Sep-16 22:21:12

Make marrow rum ?

Allalonenow Tue 20-Sep-16 22:29:10

I bet it would work well in vegetable curry, or ratatouille.

MoonlightandMusic Tue 20-Sep-16 22:31:28

With cheese sauce, or marrow and ginger jam is nice too.

MaureenMLove Wed 21-Sep-16 21:23:51

Thank you. It's not that versatile as a vegetable is it? grin. Think I might try that rum! Might as well, the boss is sending more marrow, pumpkin and assorted squashes tomorrow!

More freezer tins, jars, yeast and sugar needed! This is beginning to not be as cost effective as once hoped! Still, in the darkness of winter, when I'm snowed in (some hope, I live in London!). I'll have plenty of supplies of food and alcohol to keep me going!grin

MoonlightandMusic Wed 21-Sep-16 23:21:44

Oh, not sure about making it with marrow rum but, pureed spiced pumpkin with a good dash of brandy added and chantilly cream dolloped on top is rather moreish - particularly in the depths of winter - food and alcohol in one, what's not to like? grin

MoonlightandMusic Wed 21-Sep-16 23:24:27

Also, I have managed to discover two entire marrow recipes that don't require stuffing!

NewToRenting Sun 25-Sep-16 08:25:56

Fritters. Peel and grate the marrow, squeeze out the liquid. Mix besan (chick pea flour) or cornflour, and some spices (salt and pepper...can also add cumin powder, garam masala, red chilli powder and coriander powder). Form into small balls and deep fry in oil.

Or something like courgette chips would work too, I guess.

You could grate it and add to a bolognaise or pasta sauce.

acsec Sun 25-Sep-16 08:27:49

I was coming to say marrow and ginger jam - it's nice and that's from someone who neither likes marrow nor jam!

welshgirlwannabe Sun 25-Sep-16 08:31:32

Google courgette brownies. You grate loads of them and add cocoa powder and eggs, oil, flour and sugar and it turns into a really gooey chocolatey brownie batter. You don't taste the courgette at all.

That's what I'm doing with one of my monster marrows. The other one made its way into a tea bread. Basically, hide it in cake!!

Eminybob Sun 25-Sep-16 08:36:34

My dad gave me a huge marrow from his garden the other day. I made soup. It is a bit tasteless on its own so I added some other veg, carrots, onions potatoes etc, plus a bit of curry powder which went well. Oh and used chicken rather than veg stock.

I know you say you don't like them stuffed op, but with bolognaise and loads of cheese on top they are lovely.

NewToRenting Sun 25-Sep-16 08:41:06

Should even work in any recipes for courgette or carrot cake.

Lots of curry recipes on the internet - you can have it with rice or in a tortilla wrap.

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