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Help with Cook books (or even just your favourites

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anneyaramis Sat 17-Sep-16 16:15:59

I am thinking of asking for a few cook books for Christmas, I like things that tie in with other things I am interested in and have seen these two in book shops and I like them,



I would like to add a French one but I am not the greatest cook in the world and want something simple, does anyone have a recommendations? Or would you just like to share books that work well for you?

Cookingongas Mon 19-Sep-16 21:27:12 This hasn't got great reviews somehow m, but it is a beautiful and inspiring book. I've used it a lot and love it Ottolenghis books generally are fabulous but this one is imo his best. History, passion and brilliant recipes.

Finally this is a lovely start for French cooking. Really covers all the basics and includes more complicated fancy aspirational dishes too.

Cookingongas Mon 19-Sep-16 21:32:03

One more personal favourite ( I collect cookbooks) this is my favourite middle eastern book. It's definitely in my top ten cookbooks

1frenchfoodie Tue 20-Sep-16 09:52:32

anney I have a cookbook addiction, Amazon loves me. Hence I have both Samarkand and Mamushka and would recommend Samarkand. The book has a great look, some very interesting passages about the various countries and cuisines and is obviously written by foody enthusiasts for the region. The recipes I have tried out if it have been good (though I have had to dial back the dill on a few). I am sure I will get into Mamushka too but it is less of a book to pore over, salivating.

My all time favourite books are both by Diana Henry - 'Roast Figs, Sugar Snow' and 'Crazy Water, Pickled Lemons'. The recipes, particularly in 'Crazy' are eclectic, flavour packed and the recipes well written. They also often break down into components you can use elsewhere - the savoury pumpkin pancakes and cinnamon onions from a couple of dishes are regulars here.

1frenchfoodie Tue 20-Sep-16 10:00:37

Just bought that French Brasserie book Cooking, just what I was looking for (DH is a bit weary of recent Korean, Indian, Chinese, Uzbek etc dishes) do you see what I mean about a cookbook addiction...

Care to share your top 10 cookbooks? Mine would definately include Fuchsia Dunlop's 'Sichuan Cookery' and I love Mai Pham's 'New flavours of the Vietnamese Table'

Cookingongas Tue 20-Sep-16 12:22:27

Fuscia dunlops every grain is my favourite of hers- it's a bit more approachable than Sichuan cookery I think. But a fair few overlap recipes between the two books.

Diana Henry's Roast figs and sugar snow is lovely- but so very fattening. There is a tartiflette recipe In There that is to die for. She is a fail safe. Her change of appetite book is great too of you haven't got it. Very varied and season based recipes.

Top ten I will have to mull over.

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