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Hello me cobble together a meal from what's in my fridge

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SharingMichelle Sat 17-Sep-16 09:43:59

Do you think baked sweet potatoes and stuffed tomatoes constitutes a meal? A reasonable enough meal to serve to a guest? Does it need something extra? Salad? I've got some leaves.

Lweji Sat 17-Sep-16 09:46:47

What are the tomatoes stuffed with?

The tomatoes are veg anyway, so you've got that part covered.

I just don't seem to see any protein in your description.

CatNip2 Sat 17-Sep-16 09:47:01

I can pretty much make a meal from lots of rubbish but unless I was starving I wouldn't serve a stuffed tomato with a baked sweet potato, it's rather an odd combination. I would put gem together with other things in a casserole, curry type thing though.

NoelHeadbands Sat 17-Sep-16 09:48:34

Um it sounds a bit odd. Could you turn it into a tomato based curry or spicy stew?

NoelHeadbands Sat 17-Sep-16 09:49:31

Heh I get that a curry IS a spicy stew btw, I was meaning more Mexican style maybe

Whitetulipofpeace Sat 17-Sep-16 09:50:54

Make the sweet potatoes into chips maybe? It might go better with the stuffed pepper.

PurpleDaisies Sat 17-Sep-16 09:55:12

Is the sweet potato baked already? I'd probably turn it into roasted cubes and add those to a big salad including cheese (feta or halloumi) with garlic bread on the side.

AtleastitsnotMonday Sat 17-Sep-16 14:05:03

I think we need to know what else you have in fridge and cupboards to help you make a meal of it.

SharingMichelle Sun 18-Sep-16 14:02:36

Omg I'm so sorry. I thought my Internet connection failed and the thread didn't post. But it did and you were all helpful and i was rude and never came back.

Anyhoo, we had the stuffed tomatoes (stuffed with veg in a cream and ementaal sauce) with baked sweet spuds and a big dark green spinachey salad. It was okay!! Perhaps a little odd, but no complaints.

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