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Supermarket roast chickens

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FlyHighLittleBee Thu 15-Sep-16 10:53:53

I can never resist the lure of a ready roasted supermarket chicken (I assume they have them everywhere, I only really go to tescos).

They have this coating on the skin that is like crackblush I can't get enough!

Does anyone know how to recreate it at home?

GeorgiePeachie Thu 15-Sep-16 11:01:33

It takes a lot of work because you have you baste nearly every fifteen minutes and keep turning it.

There's a chicken spice mix you can buy in the herb aisle but what really does it it onion and garlic salt.

soften some butter and mix onion salt, garlic salt, chicken spice mix into the butter until you have a buttery mixture (heavy on the spices in comparison to the butter,) then smear the whole of the chicken iwith the paste.

Roast as normal. every fifteen minutes pour the juices into a jug and baste the chicken all over with its own fat and the spices that have run off. It might seem silly at first because basically nothing comes out in the first couple turns. but the butter will have melted and shifted over the body and you want to make sure to re cover the top parts.

Hugely labour intensive because you're being your own rotisery, but it does a pretty good aproximation.

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