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Jack Daniels

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ACubed Thu 15-Sep-16 09:34:08

So been given a bottle of Jack Daniels, neither of us are crazy about it as a drink, I was wondering if anyone has any good recipes? I'm having visions of trying to mix it with cream and it curdling....
A x

FawnDrench Thu 15-Sep-16 18:18:03

There's a Facebook group page/site thingy with lots of JD recipes on it, posted by different people.
Looks quite varied and interesting.

Unsurprisingly, it's called "Jack Daniels recipes" so if you search for this on fb it should come up.

1frenchfoodie Thu 15-Sep-16 19:47:53

It is lovely in the bbq sauce for ribs. I've a recipe but not on me - googling bourbon ribs will throw up recipes though.

ACubed Thu 15-Sep-16 21:15:00

Groovy will have a look, thanks!

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