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What do you do with oregano?!

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CaptainWarbeck Tue 13-Sep-16 05:37:10

I've just moved house and planted myself a kitchen herb window box. In my enthusiasm I accidentally planted two loads of oregano which is now growing like crazy and I have no idea what to do with it. Pizza sauce?! I'm loathe to rip it out because it's actually growing it looks quite nice but I have way more than expected! What recipes do you/can I put it in?

siblingrevelryagain Tue 13-Sep-16 05:49:37

Pick a good bunch once it starts flourishing, wash and pat dry, and zap in a microwave (on kitchen paper) in 30 second intervals until dried out. Strip the dried leaves and store as you would any other dried herb.

I then use the dried oregano for pasta sauce and added to chilli. Not sure what else I could use it for yet!

choccyfiend78 Tue 13-Sep-16 05:50:34

Anything Mediterranean, especially Greek is ideal for using up oregano. If you can dry and crush any of it then it is lovely sprinkled on chips with salt as a seasoning

CaptainWarbeck Tue 13-Sep-16 05:56:45

Never heard of zapping in microwave to dry but I will definitely do that to store some.

And any excuse to eat salty herby chips! That does sound rather good.

I sometimes add some to pasta bake or pesto pasta smile

MrsJamin Tue 13-Sep-16 06:30:17

Pretty much anything Italian or Mexican can have oregano. You can freeze it in an ice cube tray with olive oil amongst the leaves.

cexuwaleozbu Tue 13-Sep-16 06:42:46

Put it in everything. There is no savoury food it doesn't go with.

Schmoochypoos Tue 13-Sep-16 06:46:18

Yes anything savoury it will work in really, a put a big bunch in moussaka

Mummyoftwo91 Tue 13-Sep-16 08:54:01

Oregano marinated feta!

AnyTheWiser Tue 13-Sep-16 08:58:03

I love oregano, I use it in anything tomato based, use it in chicken casserole. It's my favourite herb.

TinklyLittleLaugh Tue 13-Sep-16 10:07:49

Use it in tomato based sauces, in my homemade doner kebab and also in a chicken chorizo veg bake that is very popular in this household. I get through quite a lot of oregano, never grown it though. Is it hardy or tender like basil?

ElodieS Tue 13-Sep-16 10:56:16

I stick it in anything I want to make 'Italian' ...that's how it works right?!

Jenijena Tue 13-Sep-16 10:57:39

Peps up cheese on toast nicely..

user1471734618 Tue 13-Sep-16 10:58:21

Sprinkled over feta cheese in a Greek salad.

wayway13 Tue 13-Sep-16 10:59:56

I love oregano. As pps have said, anything Italian or Mexican. Pizza sauce, pasta sauce, Italian stews, chilli etc. I'm hungry now sad

HeyMacWey Tue 13-Sep-16 11:00:33

We used loads of oregano. This summer Lorraine Pascal's peri peri chicken has been a frequent meal and it's in the peri peri sauce.

user1471734618 Tue 13-Sep-16 11:03:00

In Greece you can buy Oregano flavoured Lays Crisps!
They are lush!

CaptainWarbeck Tue 13-Sep-16 11:07:45

Lots of great ideas, thanks. I'll start chucking it in whatever I'm cooking and see what works.

It seems quite hardy, it grows in a sort of clump with pretty tendrils of leaves coming off.

In my googling I found you can make tea with it (not sure how tasty this would be) which is good for sore throats, ulcers and tension headaches. Who knew! I've got some apple mint in a pot too so I'll have to try tea with them both.

user1471734618 Tue 13-Sep-16 11:09:48

yes oregano tea is very healthy.
It tastes a bit weird though.

CaptainWarbeck Tue 13-Sep-16 11:11:44

I think I was actually aiming for thyme with one of the oregano plants... they're not really all that similar are they? blush

<puts thyme back on the list>

michellelegoff Mon 19-Sep-16 10:34:51

I love oregano and I think we don't use it enough. It is good to add some into a beef or lamb stew.

Allalonenow Mon 19-Sep-16 10:53:21

Oh yes, oregano goes well with lots of things, I like it with roast pork, or lamb or pork chops, stick a few springs into the pan when frying or grilling.

Chop finely, or scissor, and add with some crushed garlic and a very little olive oil to olives. Let it stand for a couple of hours before serving. Perks up even the most ordinary olives.

DarkBlueEyes Mon 19-Sep-16 10:57:59

I always put it on bought pizza - I pimp up the Waitrose own brand with oregano, mozzarella and other toppings of choice. Makes it taste fab. Thanks for the drying tip in the microwave of PP!

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