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Healthy and easy starter and pudding ideas

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eightytwenty Wed 07-Sep-16 10:33:14

Feeling uninspired despite google searching the same. Open to any ideas so long as not difficult & on healthy side. Friends are coming for dinner but it's not formal/ doesn't need to be fancy!

80sWaistcoat Wed 07-Sep-16 10:35:32

I'd do a starter board of olives, feta, roasted veg, meats etc. So they can pick and share.

Pudding, fruit with meringue and they can add own whipped cream or ice cream. Or fruit salad. Puddings aren't really healthy anyway!

eightytwenty Wed 07-Sep-16 15:05:45

Thanks good ideas.

1frenchfoodie Wed 07-Sep-16 17:31:26

Pudding wise last night I stuffed halved nectarines with a mixture of ground almonds blitzed with a little icing sugar and a bit of rosewater - say 40g almonds, 15g icing sugar and 2 tsp rosewater for 2 nectarines . 180c oven for about 30 mins). Delish on its own though could put out cream, creme fraiche etc for people to help themselves.

eightytwenty Wed 07-Sep-16 19:54:19

Rose water - not in my cupboard at the moment - should I stock up?

Statelychangers Wed 07-Sep-16 20:31:05

Depends what you mea by healthy - low fat? Low sugar? Low calorie? High nutrient? I never do starters - too much of a faff. Nibbles with drinks olives, nuts, raw veg with guacamole maybe, savoury popcorn. Ceviche is easy and very tasty...but maybe a bit too exotic? Gazpacho...

1frenchfoodie Wed 07-Sep-16 21:38:57

eighty no need to buy rosewater specially. DH hates it so I did his without and it was lovely too.

fieldfare Wed 07-Sep-16 21:44:43

I'd put out some nice nibbles like olives, fried butter beans, mini bruschetta, mini manchego cheese cubes, breadsticks and some dips like baba Ganoush, Zouave, hummus.

What are you cooking for the main course?

Pudding, something easy like an Eton mess or a lemon cheesecake.

fieldfare Wed 07-Sep-16 21:52:36

Zouave = Zoulak

lastqueenofscotland Wed 07-Sep-16 22:58:33

Bruscetta and eton mess

eightytwenty Wed 07-Sep-16 23:34:17

Yes often do mezze platters as a starter as like the informality. However I'm a lidl shopper and our friends are waitrose shoppers so their version of this tends to be better than what I'd manage.

Healthy - guess I mean not stupid calories whether by being lower sugar or lower fat or preferably both.

Statelychangers Thu 08-Sep-16 08:19:10

Pudding - choc mousse - each one made with 50g dark choc and an egg, very quick and easy. Or a seasonal apple and blackberry crumble - you could use granola and Greek yoghurt.

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