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Packed lunch for reception - care to add yours so we can pool ideas?

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Swifey Tue 06-Sep-16 11:36:29

This is my list so far, I've sent him with the scones today, plus other things and water to drink.

Wholemeal cheese & bacon scones
Tuna wraps
Chorizo/salami sandwiches
Hard boiled eggs
Houmous & crudités
Chicken & ham pasties

Always with a combination of cucumber, tomatoes, pepper, carrot and/or avocado and/or some fruit.

A yoghurt and a flapjack/mini apple cake/pear muffin (all made with wholemeal flour)

EElisavetaOfBelsornia Wed 07-Sep-16 23:02:03

How about for the filler:
Broccoli bakes (mashed broccoli, cheese, breadcrumbs and an egg, mixed up and baked into a patty)
Savoury muffins - cheese and sweet corn, red pepper or spinach
Mini meatloaf - minced meat and mashed veggies baked
Little sausages (twist good ones into chipolata length)
Chicken legs or wings

And for the treat:
Banana bread
Fruit and nut slice
Greek yogurt and fruit compote
Sweet potato scones

JohnCrane Fri 09-Sep-16 07:49:10

Ooh mini meat loaf sounds good! How do you do it?

Here's what we've got on the plan
Black bean and spinach quesadillas
Squash and courgette frittata
Quinoa with some hm pesto and roast veg
Roast veg tart
Veg muffins
Apple and peanut butter roll ups
Various pasties/tartlets with things like beetroot and feta and filo pastry mini pies, mostly with mushrooms
Beetroot pancakes rolled up with smoked salmon in the middle

Plus cherry tomatoes, sugar snap peas and sometimes broccoli (which I think is quite rank cold but they like). roast carrots and sweet potato

Strawberries and mango for pud. Next week I'll do a squash and apple steamed pudding which is SO delicious and they'll have slices of that alongside some creme fraiche or yoghurt

EElisavetaOfBelsornia Fri 09-Sep-16 10:46:17

Yours sound amazing John! Meatloaf is minced beef, turkey or any other meat, with breadcrumbs, grated or chopped veg like pepper, courgette etc, and herbs and spices. Sometimes a bit of Parmesan for extra flavour. Mixed up, put into muffin tins and baked.

How do you do your squash and apple pudding, sounds gorgeous!

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