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Lozziedotty Tue 23-Aug-16 23:26:48

Hi ladies I'm having my children's birthday as a joint one
And I'm doing all the food myself
Well so far I have crisps cupcakes sorted ect
This is my food list so far
20 mini pizzas thin
12 Mac and cheese bitesx2
50 cocktail sausage rolls
50 chicken dippers x2
65 chicken nuggets
80 sausage rolls
14 turkey jetters x2
12 mozzarella sticks x4
100 ps Indian platter
18 mini deep pizzas
85 ps dessert platter
Hot dog (hot) x72

Plus I gotta get the ham cheese turkey beef cornbeef bread cobs finger rolls butter jam home made tarts jam and lemoncurd

The age of the kids age from 1year to 10years

Plus I'm doing an adult table as you can tell my the Indian platter as the adults table will be at the back and child friendly at the front

I have a candy cart aswell and a bouncy castle and ball pit for babies and a DJ

Please I just wonna make sure I have everything for the day as its from 2:30pm till 7:30 and wonna make sure the kids have plenty and the mommies to be aswell and the men any help will be fab fab fab

Thank you inadvance

AtleastitsnotMonday Wed 24-Aug-16 08:40:05

How many are invited? It looks like an awful lot of food! Are you just having one 'meal' or feeding people twice? (I.e 2.30 and 6)
If anything I think I might be tempted to cut down the number of different dishes, so just do lots of chicken dippers for example rather than doing dippers, nuggets and jetters. Will you be serving things warm or cook in advance and serve everything cold. If you are serving warm that's quite a lot to fit in the oven at once! Any veggies or allergies?
I would add in some fruit and veg, even just carrot and cucumber sticks some cherry tomatoes, a bowl of strawberries and grapes. Have you sorted drinks?

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