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Magimix/blender/gadget advice sought!

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Coroico97 Mon 22-Aug-16 09:20:51

I am looking to replace my ancient Magimix. What should I get? I cook a lot. Am thinking Magimix plus blender for soups and smoothies? My Magimix is over 20 years old so I am out of date but that used to be the thing to get! Is it still? Nutri-bullet good but small I think. Also any views on Thermomix? Never though about a bowl-type mixer like a Kitchen-Aid. Assume Magimix can same things? Any advice gratefully received!

1frenchfoodie Mon 22-Aug-16 12:48:48

For blending a cheapie stick blender (£20 or less) has served me well, a quick look at the magimix site suggest blending can be done by them too though. The nutribullet seems like an expensive way to produce small quantities - though I've no personal experience.

A bowl type mixer(I have kenwood but kitchen aid is similar) can knead large quantities of even stiff doughs - I'm not sure how good magimixes are at this. You can get all sorts of add ons such as pasta rollers, mincers etc as well as a jug for blending. I'm slightly begrudging the space mine takes in my small kitchen though.

I've never seen a Thermomix in real life action though they can apparently do loads. For £900 they ought to though.

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