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Ideas for feeding 11 people ( cheap)

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EJ1986 Sat 20-Aug-16 22:24:09

Hi. I have all the inlaws coming. Not doing a sit down meal necessarily but have 9 adults & 2 kids to feed without it costing a fortune. That said we aren't a white bread and pork pie family so i'm after ideas. I've considered maybe chilli or lasagne so far.

Chewbecca Sat 20-Aug-16 22:36:46

Pork tends to be the cheapest option for a crowd.

Pulled pork? A pork casserole? Delia does a lovely one with cider & creme fraiche or another with white beans.

I was going to say chilli or a couple of curries plus rice, bread, salad. Or a load of jacket potatoes with a few different fillings plus coleslaw and salad.

Blondie1984 Sat 20-Aug-16 23:53:49

Tagine? As you slow cook it you use a more "robust" cut of meat (like stewing steak) and these tend to be cheaper - and you bulk it out with chickpeas
Then you just need to do couscous, maybe some flat breads

calzone Sun 21-Aug-16 00:03:33

Pulled pork
Whole roast chicken
Potato wedges

Chocolate brownies and ice cream

semideponent Sun 21-Aug-16 00:06:02

Baked potatoes - but both ordinary and sweet, with a choice of toppings:

Grated cheese
Smoked mackerel mashed with cream cheese, lemon and parsley
Lardons/bacon and mushrooms with thyme

You'd only need to do the bacon and mushrooms at the last minute. Add in a big green salad?

AnnieOnnieMouse Sun 21-Aug-16 00:47:36

a tray of baked potatoes, a huge pan of rice, a vat of chilli - very cheap if made with quorn, and chuck a can of mixed beans in for interest, a dish of grated cheese, big bowl of salad, maybe a curry, some naan. People can mix and match
Cheeses, oatcakes, grapes and a cake, or maybe icecream

AtleastitsnotMonday Sun 21-Aug-16 10:20:57

Could you do a veggie dish or would your guests be searching for the meat?

Camembertie Sun 21-Aug-16 10:26:40

Hairy dieters do a great Spanish chicken bake which is chicken thighs chirozo peppers onions tomatoes (raw ones not tinned) and new potatoes all roasted together and then olives added at end. Tasty, easy to prepare ahead and needs only salad and piss baguette, I am lazy so buy turkey foul tests to cook in so can chuck after for ease.

Crumble/cobbler for pudding, sainsbos do good basics frozen red fruit that cooks well

Camembertie Sun 21-Aug-16 10:27:19

^ poss baguette blush

Heratnumber7 Sun 21-Aug-16 10:29:47

Meatballs are very cheap to make. Tomato sauce and pasta.

Fruit salad for pud.

Highlove Sun 21-Aug-16 22:20:40

I'd do a massive piece of ham, maybe even a whole one if you've got freezer space for leftovers. Accompanied by homemade potato salad and coleslaw, plus green salad, French bread, maybe some cheeses, etc.

Highlove Sun 21-Aug-16 22:22:31

And then fruit pie or crumble for pudding, using whatever fruit is on special in the supermarket!

KitKat1985 Mon 22-Aug-16 12:43:30

If budget is important I'd do something pasta based. Maybe a bit Spanish to make it more interesting - say tomato pasta with sliced chorizo sausage and olives mixed in, topped with cheese? Serve with some salad?

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