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Healthiest yoghurt?

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whensitmyturn Fri 19-Aug-16 08:45:53

I love yoghurt but am just bamboozled by all the information out there so much so I've stopped buying them, can anyone tell me what the healthiest type is to eat please?
I know low fat is full of sugar and is full fat unhealthy?

If anyone could recommend a fruity flavoured one Id greatly appreciate it!

LifeIsGoodish Fri 19-Aug-16 08:54:27

Generally speaking, the fewer ingredients the better.

Get any of the 'live' ones, where the ingredients are just milk and cultures, and which list the cultures (eg bifidus, acidophilus etc). Add anything you like to it. Drinking chocolate powder is really nice! Or any fruit product you like eg fruit purée sachets, jam (or Dalfour if you don't want added refined sugar). It doesn't have to be sweet, either - mixed seeds and a pinch of seasalt is a brilliant combo.

cheeseandcrackers Fri 19-Aug-16 08:56:30

Plain Greek yogurt (full fat/low fat/fat free as you like, none have added sugar) with your own chopped fruit

Lovepancakes Fri 19-Aug-16 08:58:19

Full fat Greek yoghurt or any full fat yoghurt- holds far more goodness IMO and keeps you ful too. We add bananas, honey and walnuts or any fruit or otherwise jam

dreamingofsun Fri 19-Aug-16 08:59:18

i make my own using a lakeland yogurt maker - has a small live organic yogurt and FF LL milk to make a large pot

dreamingofsun Fri 19-Aug-16 08:59:36

oh and a spoon of milk powder

LifeIsGoodish Fri 19-Aug-16 09:00:14

WRT to fat content, IMO the main difference between fat-free and full-fat yogurt is eating quality: taste and texture. OK, Greek yogurt could have as much as 10% fat, which might be significant if you were trying to minimise your fat intake, but, unless you are eating bucketloads of yogurt every day, 4-6% fat is not significant. There is more fat in a dish made with meat than in your average full fat yogurt, and you'll likely eat more of the meat dish than of yogurt.

Personally, I prefer to eat less of something tasty, than more of a poor substitute.

GinandTits Fri 19-Aug-16 09:02:14

Full fat Greek yoghurt. I have it with a teeny drizzle of honey or syrup and stick some blueberries or strawberries on it. My staple breakfast!

Houseconfusion Fri 19-Aug-16 09:02:23

Plain simple yoghurt. Not fat free not flavoured. Literally : yoghurt as the original product it is.

We buy a massive 2.5 kg tub of it. The tart sour plain yoghurt. 10 month old DS has it thrice a day as "pudding". We dollop it out to make raitas if we have Indian food and to make sauces with a bit of garlic powder and zaatar if we have middle eastern food.

I make lassi with it if it's a hot day as i am Indian and love lassis

Ddog gets it as a treat occasionally

It makes wonderful marinade for our tandoori chicken or curry.

We go through plain tart sour yoghurt like it's going out of fashion!!

Pestilence13610 Fri 19-Aug-16 09:11:02

Plain yogurt, add a handful of zapped frozen fruit (it's really quite cheap)or fresh or tinned Throw in a handful of muesli if you like a chewy texture. With the money you save buy a couple of little one portion bowls.

whensitmyturn Fri 19-Aug-16 10:17:33

Thank you for all your recommendations I'm going to work my way through them, very pleased to hear Greek yoghurt is good !

LifeIsGoodish Fri 19-Aug-16 15:40:10

Houseconfusion are you in the UK? Where do you get your yogurt? I miss tart yogurt - they are all bland and smooth now.

Blondie1984 Fri 19-Aug-16 17:03:46

My favourites are:
Total Greek
The Collective

I only buy plain then add my own fruit etc

Houseconfusion Fri 19-Aug-16 19:00:57

Turkish or Greek or Indian type shops! Giant tubs! Sour as hell.

ohidoliketobe Fri 19-Aug-16 19:05:18

Lidl do a big tub of Turkish yogurt. It's beautiful.

GezFox Fri 19-Aug-16 21:05:02

Total is the best - full fat / 2% / fat free. High protein so fills you up and 5 strains of good bacteria too. The fat free version is not high sugar either so step it apart from there fat free yogurt.

JemimaMuddledUp Sat 20-Aug-16 14:35:57

Like other posters, I buy plain Greek or Icelandic yoghurt and add my own fruit.

If I want a flavoured one (for example if I'm out and about) the Skyr fruit yoghurts seem to be lower sugar than most.

goodbyeyellowbrickroad Sat 20-Aug-16 14:40:37

I'm currently obsessed with Waitrose Greek full fat yogurt. It's so creamy and delicious on its on or with a tiny bit of honey, berries and flaked almonds.

Pestilence13610 Sat 20-Aug-16 14:46:27

Lydl turkish yogurt is dangerous.
Set natural yogurt tends to be the tangiest.

Artandco Sat 20-Aug-16 14:48:36

Total Greek yogurt

kjzhill Sat 20-Aug-16 19:18:34

Total & skyr are my personal favourites with added fruit or granola (just a little bit) or what ever

Chewbecca Mon 22-Aug-16 17:02:13

Has total Greek yoghurt changed name to Fage or something as the pot looks identical!

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