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Weetabix or Oatabix?

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juicychops Tue 30-Jan-07 13:32:47

which are nicer / better for you?

MrsBadger Tue 30-Jan-07 13:35:37

there's not much in it nutrition-wise, except the old 'oats lower your cholesterol' card

I like Oatibix better myself.

Lorina Tue 30-Jan-07 13:35:55

They are very samey
Oatibix is a bit heavier IMO

LadyOfTheFlowers Tue 30-Jan-07 13:42:01

goddamn! i want a bowlful now!

Blu Tue 30-Jan-07 13:42:42

I was looking forward to Oatibix - but they are foul.
A very odd sweet taste, which I expect comes fro the bio-pro-biotic stuff which seems to be in some sort of chemical sugar, from what I remember of the ingredients. Much too sweet and much too peculiar.

Why oh why couldn't they have just made the oat equivalent of weetabix? Why do we need all this gubbins in cereal?

Nemo2007 Tue 30-Jan-07 13:42:50

we didnt like the oatabix in the nemo household so back to weetabix.

itsmeNDP Tue 30-Jan-07 13:43:26

God, I thought weetabix sucked up the milk like nothing on eath, but oatibix are mad fer milk.

wurlywurly Tue 30-Jan-07 13:45:47

weetabix, bought oatabix £2.09 and no-one liked them.

Wallace Tue 30-Jan-07 13:47:21

oatibix are bleurgh

BettySpaghetti Tue 30-Jan-07 13:49:39

Oatibix are only any good if you want to lay a patio/ rebuild a garden wall etc.

We bought some and they are foul. Really solid and stodgy.

Flumpytina Tue 30-Jan-07 13:52:49

I'm rather partial to the Gold weetabix myself.

DimpledThighs Tue 30-Jan-07 13:59:44

gold weetabix implies taht standard weetabix are made of floor sweepings and all teh horrible stuff after tehy have made the gold weetabix!

saadia Tue 30-Jan-07 14:02:39

glad I caught this thread, have been meaning to try Oatibix on the dss for ages but will not bother now. Can't stand it when cereals are too sweet.

angmarie Thu 01-Feb-07 12:10:17

i bought them also , they are foul really stodgy kids hated them went in the bin

DumbledoresGirl Thu 01-Feb-07 12:13:42

I bought oatibix on special offer and can't say they went down well with my children. Ds3 has eaten 2 of them I think, leaving me with the rest of the packet. I don't really care for them that much - OK but weetabix is better.

I was thinking the other day, you don't really see Oatibix around much and the adverts seem to have stopped. I reckon they have not been a success commercially and are going to be dropped.

PinkTulips Thu 01-Feb-07 12:15:52

oatabix are horrible... really disgusting.

got them for dd presuming that they'd be wheat free..... then after 3 days fo rotton moods and being sick realised they do have wheat in them as well

tried one myself but had to spit it in the bin it was so foul

decafskinnylatte Thu 01-Feb-07 12:24:29

Liked the idea of oatibix cos oats are generally better than wheat, I think BUT Oatibix is the most awful stodgy, sticky sludge I've ever come across. Yuk.

ItsAdam Mon 21-Aug-17 01:05:00

Well sorry to revive a 10 year old thread, but just found them and love them. Maybe they've changed!

Paris12 Wed 06-Sep-17 08:43:38

I absolutely love the oatibix and look forward to them after walking my dogs early in the morning. I have two oatibix with a good soaking of full cream milk and a sprinkling of sugar every morning. Can't understand how anyone could not like them as I think they are delicious!

kateandme Wed 06-Sep-17 08:48:18

Weetabix all the way.but if you still need the oat bit to your diet the mini ones of the oatabix are better.

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