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Best slow cooker cookbook?

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puffinpants Wed 17-Aug-16 20:56:15

Any reccomendations for the best slow cooker cook books out there?

YellowLambBanana Thu 18-Aug-16 23:08:47

There's a bbc good food one called slow cooker favourites. Everything I've made has been delicious. It's adapted chefs recipes. Have to do a bit of prep but it's well worth it and all the recipes can be halved / doubled / frozen so ideal for batch cooking

blueistheonlycolourwefeel Thu 18-Aug-16 23:17:52

I've got this one and I love it!! It's got traditional recipes as well as really unusual ones.

Cookingongas Sat 20-Aug-16 11:58:55

Whole food slow cooked is great- some of the recipes are on this thread

As we'll as recommendations for other slow cooked books

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