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Selection of curry recipes

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GinAndOnIt Tue 16-Aug-16 07:30:01

I'm cooking for my friend tomorrow night but would like leftovers for people to dip into either tomorrow or Thursday, and thought curry would be good as I can cook it all today and not have all the washing up etc to do tomorrow.

I've got a curry recipe that always goes down well but is very spicy (to me) so I thought it would be good to have a slightly creamier one to go with. I was also going to do the middle eastern runner bean recipe I got given on another thread, and maybe make saag bhaji?

Does anyone have a good korma recipe or any other recipes for side dishes? And rice, I never get it right. Shall I just served normal boiled, or do something with it? Less keen on this!

WildIrishRose1 Tue 16-Aug-16 07:52:12

I cooked a delicious one recently; chicken in a fried onion sauce by Madhur Jaffrey. You'll get the recipe on the web. Creamy, not spicy, but full of flavour.

With regard to rice, basmati is far nicer than ordinary, IMHO. I use this foolproof method: soak basmati in cold water for about 30 mins. Rinse through sieve, until water runs clear. Put into pot, then add cold water until the level of the water comes up to the first joint of your finger above the rice, IYSWIM. I add a knob of butter as well. Cover pot, then bring water to boil. Stir, then switch off ring and leave rice to cook for about 10 - 12 mins on the cooker. Stir, then serve. You should have separate, fluffy grains. Good luck!

GinAndOnIt Tue 16-Aug-16 09:10:13

Oh brilliant, thanks for rice instructions! Will search for the curry recipe, sounds delicious

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