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lastqueenofscotland Fri 05-Aug-16 12:27:31

What have we all got coming up?
Tonight Dp is cooking so will be Mexican in some theme I'm sure!
Tomorrow something quick - jacket potato/cheese of toast sort of thing.
Sunday - vegetable Pealla
Monday - roast med veg and hummus pitta "sandwiches"
Tuesday - asparagus and hallumi salad
Wednesday - pasta with lentil bolognese
Thursday - chickpea chilli

Fevertree Fri 05-Aug-16 14:30:20

came here to ask this question as my mojo has all gone! So thanks got the inspiration ;)

CaitAgusMadra Fri 05-Aug-16 22:42:21

Saturday: beetroot burgers with raita, buns and fresh tomato salad.
Sunday: DHs day to "cook". So either out, frozen pizza or BBQ if weather permits
Monday: Salmon cakes with ginger-sesame sauce
Tuesday: spicy turkey meatballs with pasta
Wednesday: out for the day so more meatballs
Thursday: Out for the full day so something super quick like beans on toast
Friday: homemade pizza

neversleepagain Fri 05-Aug-16 22:51:58

Saturday: prawn pasta
Sunday: chorizo frittata and salad
Monday: mince tacos
Tuesday: reconstructed pesto pasta (Nigella recipe)
Wednesday: marinated lemon chicken on bbq
Thursday: chicken with cashews in hoisin sauce and rice
Friday: cheese and ham omelettes with wedges

ACubed Sat 06-Aug-16 09:29:41

Sat - wine and cheese with a friend!
Sun - out
Mon - poached chicken breast salad w/avocado, gem lettuce, anchovies
Tue- grilled chicken salad
Wed- grilled hallumi, roast broccoli and leaves w/ toasted seeds
Thurs - black beans w/brown rice and yoghurt
Fri - chickpea curry with brown rice / yoghurt

PinkyPlumet Sat 06-Aug-16 09:43:11

Cait do you have a recipe for the beet root burgers? I've become obsessed with making burgers lately and they sound delicious!

wobblywonderwoman Sat 06-Aug-16 09:44:58

I need to try some new meals but

sat - Pork Fillet and trimmings
Sun - roast chicken
Mon - curry using chicken
Tues - pasta pesto
Wedn - beef casserole
Thurs - beef casserole
Friday - cod

wobblywonderwoman Sat 06-Aug-16 09:45:54

I have quinoa that is must try out as well

Mummyoftwo91 Sat 06-Aug-16 10:31:40

Red Thai curry sweetcorn fritters with salad

Turkish borek with Greek salad

Piri Piri hollumi and home made slaw wraps

Chilli tomato and olive pasta

Falafel burgers and Smokey bbq wedges

Baked sweet potatoes with spicy chickpea topping with tzatiki

Veggie pho

CaitAgusMadra Sat 06-Aug-16 13:33:45

Me too, this will be my third attempt at various veggie burgers in the last 3 weeks

The recipe is here. I've never actually made them but saw them recommended on MN a couple of weeks ago. Will report back later after dinner grin

christmashope Sat 06-Aug-16 15:57:38

Here's mine:
Saturday - chicken wrapped with Parma ham and filled with cheese
Sunday - chicken curry
Monday - mince and tatters
Tuesday - pasta with ham, broccoli, tomatoes and cheese
Wednesday - roast beef
Thursday - leftovers
Friday - cottage pie

Tonight - penne all Arrabbiata with fresh tomatoes, black olives and lots of chilli

Then in no particular order:

chana dahl with rice, salad and dips
haloumi and mushroom burgers with corn on the cob
veggie lasagne
black bean burritos
Spanish omelette and salad
Greek salad flatbreads with tzatziki and oven chips

CaitAgusMadra Sat 06-Aug-16 19:11:44

Pinky the burgers were nice but amazing. They were a small bit bland but I may have under seasoned. The texture was good though and they held together v well so I'll probably make them again. I'll increase the amount of garlic and possibly add some ground cumin next time.

CaitAgusMadra Sat 06-Aug-16 19:13:08

Not amazing (crucial word missing there!)

Siriushack Sat 06-Aug-16 19:17:26

Nothing exciting here, I need some new ideas. Excited for new freezer being delivered next week so I can start batch cooking, I really need to get out more blush

Tonight-pizza and salad
Sunday- roast chicken, med veg, mini roast pots
Monday-chicken curry
Tuesday-spag Bol
Wednesday-hunters chicken
Thursday- jacket pots with whatever's around to go on top

V pleased with my pasta!

Roasted a load of quartered cherry tomatoes with red wine and balsamic vinegar.
Fried onion, garlic and green pepper.
Added lots of sliced red chilli, s&p, black olives to the onion mix.
Added the tomatoes and cooked it until the tomatoes went mushy, adding water to keep it a bit 'saucy'.
Loads of basil and Parmesan to serve.

Easy, cheap and really tasty.

CaitAgusMadra Sat 06-Aug-16 21:51:52

Sounds lovely Remus, I might steal this idea as my lovely PIL keep us well supplied with amazing home grown cherry tomatoes (lots of diff colours & shapes).

Update on the burgers: DH ate later than the rest of us and he loved them. He's not normally a big fan of veggie meals so they'll def be on the menu again soon

JemimaMuddledUp Sat 06-Aug-16 21:58:14

Love a meal plan thread!

Today: pulled beef chilli with wraps and salad
Tomorrow: lemon and herb chicken breasts with roast baby potatoes, carrots and green beans
Monday: baked rice with chicken and chorizo, salad
Tuesday: Penne bolognese and salad
Wednesday: sausage and tomato bake with polenta
Thursday: tuna pasta bake with salad
Friday: lamb, butternut squash and chickpea tagline with couscous

JemimaMuddledUp Sat 06-Aug-16 22:00:09

Tagine not tagline!

northender Sat 06-Aug-16 22:02:51

Today: sausages, potatoes & veg
Sunday: slow cooked brisket with onion gravy & veg
Monday: left over beef
Tuesday: chicken curry with sag aloo, raita & possibly HM onion bhajis
Wednesday: spaghetti carbonara
Thursday:ham salad
Friday: burgers at cricket nets

SimplyNigella Sat 06-Aug-16 22:14:15

Tonight: chicken satay with rice
Tomorrow: off to a food fair so hoping to avoid cooking
Monday: Maple salmon with spinach and black sesame seeds
Tuesday: Spicy prawn, squid and chorizo linguine
Wednesday: bavette steak with lemon chickpeas
Thursday: Nasi Goreng
Friday: Burgers with brioche rolls and sweet potato fries

CaptainWarbeck Sun 07-Aug-16 04:27:35

On beetroot burgers:

Delicious magazine had this recipe for them a few years ago, we tried it and they've been a staple in our house ever since. The dill goes really well with the beetroot. Can't find the recipe online to link to so here it is...

1 bunch of fresh dill
Handful of fresh parsley (optional)
175g beetroot
1 large carrot
60g oatmeal
2 eggs
1⁄2 small red onion
1 garlic clove, crushed
1 tsp salt
1 tbsp olive oil
.Cut the peel off the beetroot and blitz in a food processor or else grate by hand. Put it into a big brown bowl. Blitz the carrot, then onion and garlic, and herbs. Add into bowl each time. Weigh the oats and blitz, then stir in the eggs and seasoning. Leave to sit for 15mins if you have time.
.Put the oven on low. Gently heat the oil in a frying pan, then put dollops of the mix in, shape with a spatula and fry the burgers for 2-3mins on each side until just browned. Put on a baking tray and keep hot in the oven while cooking the rest.
They are honestly really good and worth a try if you're on the lookout for a decent veggie burger. We stuff our buns with lettuce, mayo, a fried egg, halloumi and avocado and whatever sauce is on hand.

CaptainWarbeck Sun 07-Aug-16 04:30:13

Sorry, I copy pasted that and no idea what happened with all the formatting blush

While I'm here though (haven't done a meal plan yet) Mummy you need to sit me down and go through your week's food, it all sounds amazing!! Can I particularly bug you for more info on the piri piri halloumi and the veggie pho?

Mummyoftwo91 Sun 07-Aug-16 08:50:43

Pho I personally can't stand mushrooms though so I use lots of pak choi baby sweetcorn and other veg!


BoyFromTheBigBadCity Sun 07-Aug-16 15:10:59

Sunday: roast chickpeas with halloumi

Rest of the week: no plan. Loving sausage bake idea.

Does anyone do meal plans for one? I love batch cooking but don't have loads of freezer space.

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