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Real Gravy

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Statelychangers Wed 03-Aug-16 20:00:32

I'm becoming quick addicted to roasts but I have yet to develop a knack for gravy.
How do you make yours - I'm never happy with the result, have tried various additions but never bisto.

Blondie1984 Wed 03-Aug-16 21:21:23

I always do my roasts in a tin that can be used on the hob as well as in the oven then, when the roast comes out, I take the meat out of the tin and leave it to rest, then to the juices I add about a dessertspoon of flour and give the tin a really scrape to get all of the good bits that might be stuck off - then i add a splash of vegetable cooking water and leave it to thicken.
Occasionally i might add a bit of Bisto but not very often....

Highlove Wed 03-Aug-16 21:23:12

Google Jamie's consistently good has turned me from a gravy failure to an expert.

Minimammoth Wed 03-Aug-16 21:25:31

I do pretty much as blonde describes. Mix some of the fat from the meat with flour to make a roux add juices until smooth . My secret ingredient is Uncle Roy's gravy salt. Add a sprinkle to the gravy, season with pepper. Delish. My gravy is renouned in our family, my one triumph.

Minimammoth Wed 03-Aug-16 21:27:23

Link to Uncle Roy's

HallaWalla Wed 03-Aug-16 21:44:15

Really easy.

Meat juices into saucepan, whisk in tablespoon of flour, add kalo organic stock cube and water, simmer.


Statelychangers Thu 04-Aug-16 19:14:15

Interesting - I've been adding all sorts of nonsense to my gravies to strengthen the flavour - red/white wine, cider, orange juice, Lea & Perrins, Balsamic vinegar, homemade stock and all you guys are just reducing the meat juices with stock, I'm going to try the less is more approach next! Thank you!

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