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BBQ - novice meat!

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Millionprammiles Wed 03-Aug-16 15:06:50

We're planning on a bbq, neither of us eat meat (or have any experience of buying or cooking it...and we're a bit squeamish) so we need to keep the meat dishes simple.

Am thinking just burgers and sausages - would that be ok? Neither of us are up to squishing mince together - are shop bought ok? Or is this something a butcher can make?
We need to keep marinades simple as there'll be a few picky eating young kids.

There'll be plenty of tasty fish and veggie dishes and salads etc, we can manage to make those!

Millionprammiles Wed 03-Aug-16 15:07:26

PS should have said its a gas bbq and guests will help cook the meat so we don't kill anyone smile

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