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Would you eat this Feta?

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MissBeaHaving Mon 01-Aug-16 19:30:53

I bought a humongous tin of feta a few weeks ago,never bought it in a tin before & although there are details in about 10 other languages on it,there are none in English so I have no idea on storage or how long it will keep after opening.
I've kept it in the fridge as that's what I do with other Feta. grin

On taking it out of the Fridge,I noticed rust on the bottom outside rim,would this have affected the contents?
Is it safe to eat ?

I started new medication a few months ago & have lost weight & my appetite since but really fancy a feta salad tonight!

Cookingongas Mon 01-Aug-16 20:02:14

I would. But very few things would stop me in pursuit of feta.

ChardonnayKnickertonSmythe Mon 01-Aug-16 20:06:32

If the rust is outside it should be ok.
It keeps forever in tins.

MissBeaHaving Mon 01-Aug-16 21:03:08


I really wasn't sure,the regular packet type doesn't seem to keep for long so this seems a more economical way to buy it.

Chardonnay any advice on how long it will keep now open?

I also have some lovely ripe heritage tomatoes,match made in heaven!

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