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Yourbest ever summer vegetarian dishes please

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OldGuard Thu 21-Jul-16 15:48:43

I have guest coming to stay and want to be sure they eat well. What are your best go to vegetarian dishes ? What about BBQ - what's you favorite BBQ recipe for a vegetarian? (No fish chicken red meat eggs or milk products).

Thanks smile

dottydee3 Thu 21-Jul-16 15:53:01


applecatchers36 Thu 21-Jul-16 15:55:54

Nice summer salad is watermelon, feta, mint salad really refreshing

snowman1 Thu 21-Jul-16 16:19:44

tofu and vegetable skewers, marinaded in oil, 5 spice, soy. Or a store bought sticky char sui sauce.Finish with sesame oil. You could do satay veggies too. Bean burgers. Grilled aubergine with sumac and za'atar. For milk eaters, halloumi and mini peppers/padron peppers stuffed with garlic boursin is yummy.

CountingdowntoFriday Thu 21-Jul-16 19:24:55

No milk or egg products makes it trickier than your reg veggie! Jack Monroe carrot, cumin and kidney bean burgers are good.

CountingdowntoFriday Thu 21-Jul-16 19:49:14

Jamie's sweet potato and white bean chilli is lovely but maybe not that summery?
Just roll puff is vegan, I'd probably do a roasted veg and vegan pesto tart with some new potatoes and a few nice salads.

DoreenLethal Thu 21-Jul-16 19:51:50

bluebump Thu 21-Jul-16 19:57:59

There was a lovely recipe in the guardian a while back by the Green Kitchen Stories couple; halloumi veggie burgers. They were a carrot, a courgette both grated with 200g grated halloumi and some sprigs of mint formed into burgers and fried. They had a nice tahini dressing with it.

RueDeWakening Thu 21-Jul-16 19:58:21

Jus roll puff pastry spread with pesto and random veg sprinkled on top, bung in the oven for about 10-15 minutes.

Halved tomatoes, across the middle not top to bottom. Put cut side up on a baking tray, spread with pesto and drizzle with loads of olive oil. Bake till the tomatoes are done. Serve with olive bread/focaccia or similar.

Make sure your pesto is vegan though, most has cheese in.

Greypuddle Thu 21-Jul-16 20:02:36

This from my Nigella cookbook. I love it so much Ive been serving it up about three times a week for the past couple of months. I'm obsessed. And I'm not a vegetarian.

LegoCaltrops Thu 21-Jul-16 20:07:43

I have recently discovered Italian stuffed tomatoes. I've had it 4 times in a fortnight... It's really easy, I don't bother soaking or parboiling the rice. Can use your preference of herbs, I add pine nuts in with the rice. Lovely served with little roast potatoes, done in the same tray.

I also do a vegetable minestrone with tinned cannellini beans instead of pasta, & some vegan pesto. Zest do a lovely vegan pesto.

I also love a salad of giant couscous, grilled Mediterranean veg, harissa & preserved lemons.

SpinachForever Thu 21-Jul-16 20:14:26

These sweet potato wraps from Thug Kitchen are really tasty and you can prepare the filling in advance (warning: strong language).

Or falaffel, hummus, bbq roasted vegetables and salad.

BusyNothings Thu 21-Jul-16 20:16:50

Really easy pasta - cook the pasta and throw some garden peas into the water when nearly ready and finish cooking. In another pan heat up some soft cheese with garlic and herbs, asparagus chopped up, lemon juice and chopped mint. Mix it all together and another squeeze of lemon juice as serve. Light and fresh and takes 20 mins tops.

NannyMarmalade Fri 22-Jul-16 10:18:08

Corn on the cob grilled and rolled in olive oil and salt
Sweet potato (with jerk seasoning), lime juice, mint and tahini sauce
Grilled courgettes with pine nuts and raisins
Puy lentil salad with raw grated or roasted carrots and pomegranate

Gazpacho chilled soup if it's hot weather
Watermelon and mint salad
Grated tomato mixed with minced garlic and lemon juice/pitta bread
Tinned beans mixed with a homemade tomato sauce
Salsa verde (minus the anchovies)

Grilled pineapple is nice with caramelized brown sugar
Bbq bananas (roll in brown sugar first), serve sprinkled with chocolate and vegan icecream (Waitrose do vegan @ £4.29).

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